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  1. Mansir39

    Interesting DNP story

  2. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    My new friend says in his first post ever that it does not take a rocket surgeon to use bitcoin .. I would like to know what it takes to actually become a rocket surgeon and what this job entails! I would appreciate any and all info on this very curious matter .. Thank you for your...
  3. Mansir39

    Interesting read for those who pump and pose ...

  4. Mansir39

    A little something about everyone's favorite scam site .. Eroids

    https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/hulk-body-labs-exposed-eroids-to-dea-and-irs-special-agents.134388166/ Apologies for linking another forum. Still trying to navigate Tapatrash
  5. Mansir39

    BTC nightmare ahead

    https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/11/16288898/china-shutdown-rumored-bitcoin-exchanges-crackdown Posted in here so I could say WHAT THE FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!! https://themerkle.com/bitcoin-price-drops-by-200-as-btcc-announces-suspension-of-trades/
  6. Mansir39

    Read this and let's hear your thoughts

    http://start.att.net/news/read/article/fox_news-mother_of_two_dies_from_too_much_protein_before_bo-rfoxnews http://www.eagletribune.com/news/friends-to-say-farewell-to-salem-body-builder-who-battled/article_27e8a8db-8f60-5bdd-bfc6-fa7afc5261a9.html I know I have my own theories and...
  7. Mansir39

    Big Ballin'

    I've been seeing all these fools post pics of houses and talk of "I gots this and that's " so I thought I would shut it down like I do at the Malls !! They call me the Big Wheeler Cat Peeler and I peels cats all day long mutha fuckaz!! This is what big ballin looks like . Notice ALLS PAPER...
  8. Mansir39

    87 weeks out !! Update pic

  9. Mansir39

    Old story with good info !!

  10. Mansir39

    Safe shopping gentlemen

  11. Mansir39

    Another informative news report

    http://www.wsaz.com/content/news/Portsmouth-man-arrested-for-trafficking-anabolic-steroids-406899845.html Got to love the dots they connect here .. congrats to all of us that made it past 30 ;)
  12. Mansir39

    It's that time of year again guys !!!

    http://patch.com/texas/conroe-montgomerycounty/steroids-hgh-seized-magnolia-tx Let's see where this goes from here ...
  13. Mansir39


    Who else here is just disappointed in things lately ? People ? Places ? Events ? The way people handle situations or even themselves .. ? Maybe it's just me but expectations were higher ..
  14. Mansir39

    Think everyone needs to watch this ..

  15. Mansir39

    Here is another .. Careful guys ..

  16. Mansir39

    Pay attention !!!

  17. Mansir39

    Anyone Else

    Anyone else willing to catch a bid just for the chance to spend few minutes with this POS sad excuse of a man ?? http://m.wcvb.com/news/baby-doe-identified-5-investigates-reports/35348850
  18. Mansir39

    Yet another one !!

    http://www.myfoxorlando.com/story/29348004/18-arrested-in-alleged-steroid-trafficking-ring not sure if posted yet.. If it was I apologize for the lack of extensive search 😘
  19. Mansir39

    Did I miss this ?