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  1. Mansir39

    What the fuck happened??

    Blows my mind .. look at television.. they have a show about a boy who wants to be a girl and the parents promote it !! Say the boy liked dolls and dresses at 3 . What 3 yo boy doesn’t play with dolls ? My kids played with empty boxes , does that mean I should raise them to live in one ...
  2. Mansir39

    Interesting DNP story

  3. Mansir39

    Taking a Step back guys

    May thoughts exactly.. so much more important than anything else .. Priorities are what makes us what we are ..
  4. Mansir39

    Androgen Labs BLOODWORK

    Thinking .... This is why there is a protocol. It may not be perfect but it does give an apple to Apple comparison rather than trying to interpret pin schedules and other added compounds .. the bottom line comes down to personal satisfaction.. if the OP says this is his “ norm” then we should...
  5. Mansir39

    Androgen Labs BLOODWORK

    Wow .. in a paid sub forum !! Guys come on .. clean this up and take it to the pit...
  6. Mansir39

    To whom it may concern

    Pocket sturgeons are popular these days . Not sure how to catch one but once I do I will let you know :) Priorities are good .. knowing which to put first is even better .. good luck bro
  7. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    Definitely liked rockets .. all colors
  8. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    Well sir , ahemmm I , like so many other Americans, may need gainful employment beyond the scope of sweeping streets and collecting nickels ( my current situation). So I was just trying to get myself an education on new employment opportunities that I may not be aware of. I am very interested...
  9. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    Idk good question.. I should remove that .. thank you
  10. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    Your definitely a surgeon of some kind .. gotta be !!
  11. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    I spit on myself for real [emoji15] Laughing .. I spit on myself laughing .. wanted to clarify :jerkit:
  12. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    I just peed a little :)
  13. Mansir39

    Rocket Surgeon

    My new friend says in his first post ever that it does not take a rocket surgeon to use bitcoin .. I would like to know what it takes to actually become a rocket surgeon and what this job entails! I would appreciate any and all info on this very curious matter .. Thank you for your...
  14. Mansir39

    Why is gpz services so effing expensive for shipping?

    I read this entire thread and STILL can’t figure out wtf happened... all this shit gets tiresome.. If anyone thinks these 2 are solely responsible for the downward spiral of this place then they have their heads up their own asses .. things fell apart long before these two clowns arrived ...
  15. Mansir39

    Have you done time?

    18 years this year .. Warden tells me it’s life with no parole !!! The wife can get real serious real fast And these little midget COs are ruthless.. always wanting my money and calling my name ... they also think I am supposed to feed them and buy them things .. oh and get this .. want me to...
  16. Mansir39

    Beauty and the Beast, Life of the Jassol’s

    Always nice to see you sir ;)
  17. Mansir39

    Super cool

    It’s the place legends are born ..
  18. Mansir39

    Oakland Company Develops Breathalyzer to Test for Marijuana

    In my state ANY use while driving or even signs of being high lead to an OUI .. votes legalized but still the state is trying every way to block or make impossible.. 28% tax is added to make it ludicrous
  19. Mansir39

    Beautiful Trest Touchdown

    Yes it does . If you add a little npp it helps ;)
  20. Mansir39


    I just threw up in my mouth and swallowed like a big girl ...