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  1. Hacks909

    Another TD from ASL

    Small order but excited to try out proviron.
  2. Hacks909

    Black label… incredible bulk

    please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong group/section . Did any of you take black label: incredible bulk about 10 years ago when this stuff was sold over-the-counter? I took this a long time ago and it f**ked me up. After three weeks on it and 20lbs later, I started getting rt nipple...
  3. Hacks909

    Nice little TD

    Got my pack yesterday and all looks good! Thanks for the quick turnaround ASL.
  4. Hacks909

    Blast advise??

    Hey guys, I would like some advice. I’m 5’11” 206lbs at approx 10%bf. I’m currently on 250wk of test c and 200mg of mast for my TRT. I know some of you will say if I stack anything to TRT it’s not TRT anymore but Im definitely loving masteron for the libido boost. I’m planning on blasting but...
  5. Hacks909

    Flash pack received!!

    I didn’t get to post when I received a few weeks ago. Flash order came in packed nicely and looking great!
  6. Hacks909

    Crusing test levels?

    What are normal to above normal level of crusing levels of testosterone? I’ve been on TRT for two weeks now and I’ll be blasting maybe a few times a year.
  7. Hacks909


    I have an HCG question, so being at 189 of testosterone levels per bloodwork and I have starting TRT my doctor will be giving me HcG to not shut me down completely. I’m going to start getting my own gear and treating myself, at 38 years old buy hcg? I’m probably already a lifer for TRT treatment...
  8. Hacks909

    Pre load syringe?

    Does anyone preload their syringe for the week or month? Is it bad if it’s done?
  9. Hacks909

    What Test?

    I’m hoping someone can chime in with some help…. So I have decided to do my own TRT. I have been started on Test C from the mens health center. I’m going to purchase my own stuff but need some help deciding which test to use. Should I go ahead and continue Test C or change it up to Test E. I’m...
  10. Hacks909

    New to forum!

    Hello all, Thank you for letting me join the forum. As much as I’ve read so far you’ll have so much info and very informative. The reason I have joined is because I’m seeking more info on TRT. I’m 38 and I’ve been on cycles before approximately 10 years ago. My testosterone levels are at 189...