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  1. jaxxtx

    BioGen Pharmaceuticals....Grab it if you can

    I came across some BioGen gear outside the forum. A little pip but good. First pin made me feel flu like ..but no probs since. Probably cause i front loaded test e at 1250 over two day period. ....definitely strong. Been running 50 cut stack ed and you can feel the tren a sides for sure...
  2. jaxxtx

    Best Place For Cheap Mass Spec?

    I am wanting to get some mass spec testing done on a sponsor but all the places I have talk to have a minimum sample number....like $50 sample w/ min 40 samples or something. I know there is a lab at UTA but I havnt visited to find a list of people/companies/groups registered to use it this...
  3. jaxxtx

    LEGEND TD!! Good To Go

    Whats up everyone. I have been loyal to a sponsor on here since the beginning but nonetheless things got stupid and I ventured out. Here is a "first order" testimony. PRICES ARE REDICULOUS Turnaround time was fast....real fast compared to my previous sponsor. Did 2cc Test and 2cc Cut Stack...
  4. jaxxtx

    World cup picks?

    The bookies have had crazy numbers drop ... Whos it gonna be? GREAT TOURNAENT FOR PLACING I say THE TREE SMOKERS and THE NAZIS (NETHERLANDS & GERMANY) ....regardless there are FUCKING HOT women at these games!
  5. jaxxtx

    "Good-Bye fried rice, Hello fried chicken!"

    I am happy to announce the H-AS PHARMA has drafted me to their BEAUTIFUL, STRONG DOSED, CLEAN ASS GEAR and I am sorry to Olympus (who I was OVERLY loyal to for TOOOO long) they have done me wrong too many times. H-AS is EXTREMEMLY professional and LOYAL to their CUSTOMERS. They will never...
  6. jaxxtx

    EQ make you drowzy?

    Ive been running 750 TEST E and recently added 500 EQ every week. Something has changed and I seem lazy and dragging ass some days. Is this common for EQ? I have read sides but am looking for actual science. If anybody "really" knows please help. If in fact it is the EQ what is a good...
  7. jaxxtx

    Donating Plasma....Uh Blood, for the Laymen

    I have been told by someone familiar with anabolics more on the "sports athlete" side that I should be donating plasma at least twice a month regarding Test E cycle. He acted like it wouldaffect my results... I recently started a stack of Equipoise at 400 a week and came across an article about...
  8. jaxxtx

    Olympus Pharm proves to be BEST!!!

    I have placed a couple orders through Olympus Pharm and they are great. The people associated with them have proven to be even greater. I had a small problem with something, contacted reps, remained patient and professional and i am dead serious when I say THEY HAVE GONE ABOVE AND BEYOND MY...
  9. jaxxtx

    im giving back

    If anyone here needs help with any type of circuit board repair laptop repair in have to do with computers or machines with circuit boards...laptops, game consoles, tvs, receivers... anything along those lines either software or hardware related let me know and I'll be glad to help... I'll be...
  10. jaxxtx

    SHOUT OUT to all rep and helpful members!

    I just realized how mush I've gained physically and mentally on this site. I have respect for guys here that take the time to answer stupid ass questions especially when most of them have been asked AND answered thousands of times before..lol Personally the Olympus team has been a lot of help...
  11. jaxxtx

    1st Order Test Emony

    I have been dealing with Olympus Pharm and I have to say communication and professionalism is spot on. Very smooth transaction. I am pumped and can't wait for my order to come through. I'll post follow ups and rate my experience....so far :winkfinger:
  12. jaxxtx

    HGH and all the goes with it

    I have wanted to try HGH. Actually, just did my first ever cycle of TEST E and it ended up giving me test flu, blah blah. Anyway, I initially started considering HGH because I heard a lot of good things about the way it makes you feel (joints, energy, etc). I got discouraged because I was...
  13. jaxxtx

    Liver and Alcohol - The Dueling Banjos

    2 things pretty much related. What is a good liver flush / antioxidant when running a Test E cycle or just taking care of your liver period? I was told that there are or is a pill that you can take to decrease the affects of alcohol on your cycle ... Anyone know the name or something that...
  14. jaxxtx

    New to Anabolics...literally. Please Help

    Hey! I'm pretty new to supplements period. Just stated first cycle ever of some oil based test. Made me sick and sore after every shot ... worked good though for the most part. 5 shots total only did about 5cc total. Wanted to know is it normal for the sickness or should I be more selective...