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  1. J

    Is 60mg Tadalafil too much?

    I'm looking at getting Tadalafil for increased erections. Is 60mg at one time too much. I take viagra 100mg now with good results. I've read that a low 5-10mg dose of tadalafil not only helps ED but can increase your penis size. Should I get the 60mg dose and cut it up by 4th's? James
  2. J

    Addyi for libido?

    Any women take Addyi for boosting their libido?
  3. J

    Is Rad 140 oral only?

    Is Rad 140 (Testolone) oral only? Why is it so hard to find good sources for it? James
  4. J

    Does Proviron increase Libido?

    I am thinking of taking 25mg Proviron at end of my Test/Tren cycle (will be cruising with 200mg Test for next 4 months until doing another cycle). Does Proviron increase your Libido?
  5. J

    Test/Tren cycle. Should I have taken T3 too?

    I am finishing taking Test/Tren for last 13 weeks (I'm gonna cruise on low dose of 200mg test until next cycle). Question: Should I have taken T3 during cycle with Tren? James
  6. J

    Don't want to come off cyce...Ever

    I am 49yrs old. I have done AS cycles on and off since I was 29. I recently have been on a Test/Tren cycle for the last 10 weeks. I did take some Anadrol at the beginning (1rst 3-4 weeks), but then happened to have an MD visit and labs were drawn showing elevated liver enzymes (140's). So I...