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  1. mosejas

    Primo 200

    Any idea when this will be back in stock?
  2. mosejas

    Eagle has landed

    Been waiting since January, better late than never. I understand how difficult things have been. Thank you so much for all the creative effort. Never had a doubt, you guys are the best.
  3. mosejas

    Site down?

    Or is it just me? Need to order.
  4. mosejas

    In case you haven't seen this

    This may be on here somewhere https://anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/pharmacom-labs/pharmacom-labs-pharma-mix-3-lab-test-results-2018-01-16/
  5. mosejas

    Need some help

    Just pulled a bone head move and accidentally mixed sterile water with 400mg of primo. Can I inject this? I know you're not supposed to mix oil and water.
  6. mosejas

    Big shout out to the basic team

    After many sucseful orders, had customs issues with my last two. I emailed basic, and got an immediate reship, no questions asked. They knew exactly what was going on. Great gear, great service. Thanks guys.
  7. mosejas

    Primo pump

    Loving the Pharmaprim! Killed shoulders today.
  8. mosejas

    2nd TD

    Looking good. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  9. mosejas

    40% Sale TD

    Got most before Christmas, received last package on Tuesday. This is it plus 2 more hgh kits. Got more one the way. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  10. mosejas

    HGH Auction TD!

    Looks so good. Thanks Dannie for all the help, and great communication.
  11. mosejas

    TBol or Var

    Looking for opinions on the two. I've tried var, no experience with tbol. I'm looking for a kick without the water weight. I'm also thinking about winny.
  12. mosejas

    Tren and BP

    My BP has always been a little on the high side. I've always been afraid to run tren because of this. I won a 25ml of tren a about 8 months, it's been taunting me so i finally decided to give it a go. Started 5 weeks ago at 50mg ed, bumped to 100mg ed 2 weeks ago. My BP Has been lower. I check...