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  1. Velociraptor44

    The US government bombs….

    We should be suprised? Deems are faggots as well as corporate counterpart republicans. Our “officals” are faget regardless of the coats they wear.
  2. Velociraptor44

    Real life problems

    I hate deems as much as anyone… but you fags have enough time to post in an anabolic basket weaving forum to feel decent?
  3. Velociraptor44


    Labs back in the day were on point… my fag dr wanted me on danazol which imo is trash. Is GR still doing legit provi?
  4. Velociraptor44


    Hows it goong gents?
  5. Velociraptor44


    Just had to renew my membership and it got me thinking.... there are a bunch of gun owners here. Does anyone have membership with the NRA. Was listening to Rogans podcast last night and it was an episode with Colion Noir. They discussed being part of a constitutional protection organization aka...
  6. Velociraptor44

    I love you thread 2.0

    I love you bro :coffee:
  7. Velociraptor44

    SheriV Northeastern Elitist or Champion of the People?

    Discuss! :coffee:
  8. Velociraptor44


    I spoke to everyones good friend DJ today to check up on him in his absense. As usual ASF’s greatest wordsmith is doing well and crushing vagina from women at Target and local yoga classes (both are his favorite places to troll for talent. He has also attained enlightenment per Carl Jungs idea...
  9. Velociraptor44

    Nootropics thread interest? Poll

    Would anyone be interested in a Nootropics thread? Ive been experimenting and researching for biohacking cognition, focus and non CNS stim purposes as well as getting stoned. If there is any interest id be happy to start working on a thread. ive been having amazing luck with phenibut for...
  10. Velociraptor44

    Fuck Chicago.....

    Discuss :coffee:
  11. Velociraptor44

    Monster Experiment

    Trip hooked me up with gearz! So i offered to return the favor by doing some labwork on Monsters Test and Proviron. I just started my first pin today of Test Cyp at my regular trt dose which is 200mg weekly total split Monday and Thursday. Also 3 days ago i started the Proviron at 50mg ed. My...
  12. Velociraptor44

    Offical Post Your Dick Thread

    Who wants to go first?
  13. Velociraptor44

    On a lighter note... woman struck by lightning

    https://youtu.be/I482t6JhL4g He kept his shit together pretty well
  14. Velociraptor44


    So my trt Dr offered me a Sermorelin script even though my IGF is in the 300s... he knows im in PT for a back injury. Sermorelin is one of the peptides i admittedly know very little about. Ive been considering GH anyway and im wondering if instead of rolling the dice on generic GH (even though...
  15. Velociraptor44

    Baseline IGF-1

    For guys who run regular labs what is the highest BASELINE IGF-1 levels you have scored? I noticed i had an uptick in IGF levels from my previous set of trt labs to the most recent ones. My IGF about 7 months ago was 221. My last set of labs, about a month back (i draw every 6 months) was 338...
  16. Velociraptor44

    Palmetto State Armory

    Any gun owners here who have experience with Palmetto State? Ive been eyeballing an AR pistol platform in .300 Blackout. Since i want a smaller overall length .223/5.56 isnt an option with a barrel of less than 16” due to performance loss. Anywho i was planning on Springfield Saint 300 BLK...
  17. Velociraptor44

    GVT thoughts and opinions

    Ayone care to share their experiences using GVT? Much appreciated
  18. Velociraptor44


    I had sex this week.... and with a girl! Yay!
  19. Velociraptor44

    How many times?

    And uneducated buying gearz and making posted will make you even considered to be lstened to? Cheap you seem nice, you dobt research, bother to do ZERO research. The guy you are is the teasing people get shit on. you dont know fuck about the gear trade. You actually hurt others with your...
  20. Velociraptor44

    Cheapthreads Share your ear knowledge

    Since you are a midwest no info bumpkin i wont shit one you to much. but if you are going to claim you know shit from apple butter i want to know what you know about shops, cutting raws, Purity of raws, UGL business, and more importantly your long term research. Explain how you have worked with...