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  1. Intense

    Giving PSL a try

    Have been away a while and needed some trt supplies. Giving psl a go for the first time to see what the quality is like. They’re still around so that says something test and cialis I will report back when received.
  2. Intense


    Ordered some test C, modafinil, and cialis. Came in very quickly and discretely packaged! Haven’t tried them out yet but about to pin some cyp. Thanks for the great service!
  3. Intense

    Good Experiences

    So far so good with flash. Have some of the basics from this lab, test and mast here recently and it all seems spot on. Had other orders in the past. Test C Sust Mast E Proviron Communication and everything else has been solid! Just wanted to give a shout out, and for anyone thinking about...
  4. Intense

    Water and syringes

    Where is a good place that carries bac water and pins and has reasonable price and T/A? I have used allegromedical forever but noticed they do not have bac water now.. place is great and really cheap but I want to order it all in one go.
  5. Intense

    Pharmacomstore TD

    First time using pharmacomstore and everything landed safely packed, the T/A was as expected(customs, not pharmacoms fault) but I'm never in a rush as long as the product is good. Trying the dragon test prop, mast e, and proviron. Already started the proviron at 25mg/day and injected 1ml of...
  6. Intense

    Modafinil or FLModafinil

    Anyone ordered any recently? Looking for some that are around a dollar a piece or so.
  7. Intense

    CBD Isolates

    What are your thoughts, and experiences with CBD in regards to anxiety, pain, inflammation, and sleep? Mostly referring to isolates free of THC. I picked up some of this the other day to try. 66.7mg/ML of CBD oil, triple distilled MCT, and natural Grape flavoring. I liked the fact it...
  8. Intense

    Fuck coming off masteron

    Been off around 5-6 weeks now and my mood is completely different. Sex drive is nothing what it was and I don’t have much drive to initiate it. Nothing else has changed. Dick still works good though. Just did not expect this much of a difference. About to get back on mt2 to combat this...
  9. Intense

    Trump signs "right to try"

  10. Intense

    Anyone have experience with Inj Glutathione?

    What was your experience and was yours from a peptide company or pharma grade Also what was your weekly dose and mg/ml? I'm curious what benefits I can expect. I dealt with drug/alcohol use for years and have ran quite a few orals but on my last blood work everything was within range. But if...
  11. Intense

    Contact Lenses

    Does anyone know of a good site that sells contact lenses and do not require a current script?
  12. Intense

    Can oral steroids or organ stress make one more susceptible to styes?

    I was on anadrol, and loving it. Appetite was still good and strength was going up like crazy, then I developed a stye in my eye, now they keep reoccurring and the only thing I can think of that is different is running anadrol. Anyone have experience with these and how to get rid of them for...
  13. Intense

    Which sponsor do you get your HCG from?

    And is the pregnancy test still a good way of determining quality?
  14. Intense

    Lab Work on Sust 250

    I wasn't really sure the best way to test for levels of sust so tell me what you all think of the numbers. (This lab isn't a sponsor here btw) Injected 250mg of Sust 250 Thursday at 7am, and pulled bloods Friday at 415pm. I had been on the sust for 4 weeks. It's like there's only prop in it...
  15. Intense

    Motivational Film

  16. Intense

    Neurochem and Pharmacology Discussion

    As the title says, discussion of medicines, experiences, and the effect they have on the brain. To start it off, has anyone combined Adderall with Wellbutrin, and if so what was your experience? Wellbutrin is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI), different than an SSRI. Used...
  17. Intense

    Have you done time?

    Curious. Private poll.. but if you want to go into detail please feel free. I could use some reading material today. State or fed
  18. Intense

    Anyone had staph?

    I'm pretty sure I have it. A pimple popped up on my arm after donating blood so I popped it then it turned into something evil. After about a week it healed up then randomly another one popped up on my bicep, except this one is taking a little longer to heal.. Now I'm pretty sure one is popping...
  19. Intense

    Can NPP throw off your Testosterone level?

    As in show a much lower reading than should be expected for TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, LC/MS/MS? I've heard of nandrolones throwing off e2 but my e2 was perfect. Also currently on Mast, Proviron, and Aromasin.
  20. Intense

    First time customer TD pic and initial review

    Figured I would give Monster a go when they had the cyber Monday sale, and having known Heavyhitter from PM and Brutus from here, they both seem like stand up guys. I went with what I basically run anytime I blast now. Test, NPP, Mast E, and Proviron. So far I have only tried the Aromasin and...