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    Wife gives you an ultimatum...what do you do?

    I really like how you spun this. This should work great for anyone in a relationship thinking about coming clean. Don't.
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    Wife gives you an ultimatum...what do you do?

    Agree with all others. Time to cover yourself for the worst and get a script. In the mean time keep it out of her sight. Out of mind out of site. Or even better get it all out of rhe house and find another place to store it.
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    Take a guess

    Or file a police report, find out who the girl was and sue for damages.
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    Take a guess

    In far from liberal but I was curious if the owner had some type of insurance for this kind of issue. Wouldn't hurt to check. That is if you didn't sign a waiver saying your 100% responsible for your own medical bills.
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    Amps/Filter Needles

    There's always a chance that there may be a non visible glass shard in there. If you got them or have access to them definitely use them. If you don't, i wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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    Could it be multi factorial?

    I wouldn't worry about EQ causing clots. But I would cut down the coffee drinking. You sound anxious as you write this. If cutting back coffee doesn't work, it's time to go to your PCP who will likely order a few blood test.
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    Strangest interaction with a physician ever

    Does the VA offer pain management specialist? This may be more appropriate then your PCP.
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    ED after tren hex finally clear my system

    Does tren make you lactate? Next time try some caber or prami and it's should get you hard as a rock again.
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    Going to failure

    I always try to go to true failure for my working sets. If your concerned about frying your CNS cut down on the number of sets. This why DC training is so effective. Preform minimal sets with 110% effort and get out and recover.
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    Getting a tighter waist !

    Try stomach vacuums and eating smaller meals
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    Sometime it can present with no pain. What to really look out for is if it's painful and then no.longer painful which then is an emergency situation. The whole parasite thing more specifically tapeworm cojld very well be he he's traveled recently. But those things take time to manifest. It...
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    Keep us updated bro.
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    I really starting to think its an appendicitis
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    Your liver enzymes would be very elevated, way in the hundreds and you probably being showing signs of jaundice. Yeah they need to do a CT or maybe ultra sound or some type of imaging to get a better idea of your pathology. Blood work just doesn't seems like enough in uour situation.
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    I honestly wouldn't waste time with all the holistics if your sure it's not constipation. If you got med insurance use it and go to the ER and let them evaluate you. I think this is the only way you'll get any peace of mind.
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    I saw they grabbed your labs, but did they do a CT scan? They can do CTs in most ERs if warranted. If you have a gut feeling (no pun intended) somethings not right go to the ER for a second opinion.
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    Anybody faint while in operating room?

    Hahaha this definitely hits home. When I was in nursing school I had to do a rotation through labor and delivery at Duke hospital. Well I got the opportunity to see a little boy circumcised. They gave him a little liquid Tylenol for pain and then secured him to a board and went to town. Next...
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    Swollen lower abdomen/ possible fluid

    Damn bro how did you not know you weren't full of shit? Keep up with BM's? Surely you can feel it. I know i can when I get backed up. Glad it wasn't anything serious or any organ damage. Now you have a fun story to tell at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner
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    GearPro’s BUY ONE GET ONE SALE!!!

    Thanks I kept getting bounce back with the other