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  1. TrenHardEatClen

    Another beautiful TD

    Just wanted to share my beautiful touch down with yall. Just switched to Basicstero a few cycles back. Man are these guys the shit! their price with sick discount are unbelievable compare to some out there. Usually when prices are good the product is just ok. But not with these guys. The...
  2. TrenHardEatClen

    Tips needed?

    I don't know if this is allowed or not. If I am in the wrong please remove the post and I apologize in advance. My question is where is a good place to source Caber from? Caber seems to be so hard to find with a reliable source and decent price. I'll be doing Special Mix 6 next blast and...
  3. TrenHardEatClen

    Special Mix line 3 and 6

    Looking to do a bulk cycle in the fall. Did anyone try the special mix line 3 or 6? They both look so good to me but can't really find anything solid on them. Any information on them from someone who had used them personally would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. TrenHardEatClen

    Test-E First Cycle mini log - Pic /w Bloodwork

    Heyeveyone! Little bit of disclaimer -I am pretty new to the AAS scene and decided a month ago that I wanted to try AAS for the for time. This will be my first cycle if you have any advice please let me know on how I can improve. STATS 27 years old 6 foot 170 lbs BF 11%-12% Diet 302...
  5. TrenHardEatClen

    First PSL Review! with PICS

    After some research for a few weeks. I decided that PSL would be the best bet for me to source the gear for my first cycle... People seems to trust them and they have a warehouse. Boy, I was not disappointed. Great service, Super fast shipping, Everything came as I asked plus I got a little...
  6. TrenHardEatClen

    yo yo yo!

    Been reading for awhile across different forums... absorbed shit tons of information from the different places. UG, Evo, Stero, here... Just made my purchase for my first cycle recently... So I thought I make an account here. Look forward to talking to yall.