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  1. ageless1

    Need advice with a cutting cycle of Test C, Var and Mast P

    Hey Guys, I need some advice about my current cutting cycle of Test C @ 500 mg wk and 100 mg Var ed. Trying to get ready for vacation in 5 wks. I have made some improvements, but have been thinking about adding Mast P at 300-500 mg wk and or Winny oral. I'm 6'3 and currently at 230 lbs at about...
  2. ageless1

    Great T/A

    Just got my 1st order from PSL and I am totally happy that they have such great T/A. I was expecting a long wait, but boy was I wrong. I also was worried about order from overseas, but these guys came through. Had to order some HCG and Aromasin, because my normal supplier was out of stock...
  3. ageless1

    AY is 2nd to NONE!!!

    Just got my new order from AY. The T/A is second to none. Got her Var and waiting for more products from her. I can't say enough about the attention and knowledge that this lady has. When I tell you she gave some of the best advice and knowledge of how to run and use her gear is totally off the...
  4. ageless1

    Looking for a reliable and dependable product provider

    What's happening everybody, I'm new to replying on forums and all. I do a lot of searching and reading others post. Because I am sure that the questions that I have, have already been asked. I need some great gear that will produce the results that I am looking for. I have dealt with a couple...