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    My wife

    Sorry, Bro, I have to disagree. Although my ex was only 1/2 Portagee she couldn't keep her pants on around other guys to save her life. She still cheats on the current guy she is with every chance she gets.
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    GC are you kidding me?

    I apologize brother! Won't happen again! Please feel free to delete it!!
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    GC are you kidding me?

    I asked for a list and got the reply. I sent my order and received payment information. I sent payment out the next day. All that back and forth and from start to finish I received my package in xxxx! I have NEVER been treated that well and I have been here about a decade and have dealt with...
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    What PED do you guys take for cardio?

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    Cardio...Who's Doing it Over 40..???

    Ya gotta watch porn while your on the bike Bro. It's a rule!! It definitely keeps you distracted from the misery.
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    PEDS for cardio for us GEEZERS

    Anybody have any suggestions?
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    I’m officially on TRT, question about baby aspirin

    2 - 81 mg a day for me for over 15 years now.
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    Erectile Dysfunction Meds Like Viagra, Cialis: 85% Increase In Serious Vision Problems, Study Says

    I never had any vision issues but once in a blue moon got the slight lower back pain. I forgot who I used to get Viagra from here but I used to get so hard my cock actually fucking hurt.
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    Look at her pooper

    OMFG, sprinkles on the bubble!!! Fuck yes. I would stay there until I got every last one.
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    Oral steroids over 40

    I'm using TUDCA, as you guys advised, but I do have a question. Does TBOL affect your cardio? I ask because my back was cranked for 10 days or so (so no cardio) and now my cardio has noticeably dropped. Is it possibly the TBOL or do I just need to stop being a cunt and try harder?
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    Prostate issues

    FloMax terrifies me. I tried that, on my Dr.s advice, and shortly there after, during sex, I came and NOTHING came out. NOTHING. I found out this is a common side affect. That was the end of FloMax for me.
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    Oral steroids over 40

    What do you guys take for liver support?
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    Who is still wearing a mask?

    Still have to wear one @ work except when I am in our Lab. It's just 3 guys in a very big area so they let it go.
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    Mark Wahlberg unrecognizable on set of new movie

    I've met him. I agree.
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    Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!

    Flip her over!!! That looks like a great ass hiding under there!!
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    Oral steroids over 40

    When you guys do run TBOL, what doses do you use? I'm about to run it for the 1st time.
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    Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!

    Bro, she's got quite an ass!!
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    R.I.P. Rudy Boesch

    American Hero died last week Nov. 1 @ 91 years old.
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    Justin Bieber Says He will Kick Tom Cruise's Ass in the Octagon

    Same here and being inked up doesn't make you a fucking tough guy. Punk bitch.
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    Dermatologist (sp?) prescribed mine. I get it at Walmart WITHOUT using insurance. ready for it? $11 for a 4 month supply. For real.