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    John Meadows

    Damn. Such a good dude, he seems like a great father too.
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    First cycle questions. Thanks!

    Honestly man, I’m not trying to sound like a dick but a cycle is probably a bad idea for you if you’re struggling with consistency and motivation. You could potentially gain 10lbs during a cycle but if you come off and lose all motivation again you’re going to lose it all. You should already be...
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    Protein and pre workout

    I’m a big fan of redcon1 total war
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    Program Recommendations

    Currently running Johns Meadows “taskmaster” program. I’m only a few weeks in but so far so good!
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    DNP Source?

    There’s a really shitty source on meso that sells it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend using him as it sounds like he’s very unreliable but he’s the only vendor I’ve seen lately that has it
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    SXript Jano reports

    Even if there is some big plot against sxript and another lab is setting them up it’s still on the owner of the lab to put their customers mind at ease and they’ve done a terrible job at that.
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    SXript Jano reports

    Regardless of what happens with this situation this response from red bird should say everything you need to know about this lab. Genuine concerns have been brought up and his response is LOL. Shows how much he cares. That’s enough to turn me away.
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    Kapernick at it again

    Because he’s an oppressed black man fighting the whites that are keeping him down. Duh!
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    NPP question

    Sorry I’m a little late on the reply. I’m no expert in brewing but some compounds are harder to brew in higher concentrations than others so I’d assume 100mg/ml is kind of the sweet spot with npp without running into issues of it crashing or having terrible pip.
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    What are you running these days??? Let's hear it!!

    500mg Test E 400mg Deca 20mg sdrol
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    NPP question

    400-600 is a reasonable dose. You can dose it more often than twice a week if you want to cut down the oil in each pin. Personally with the npp ester I would pin at least 3 times a week, something like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. What does your cycle look like?
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    How long was it for you guys until you felt the test kick in?

    I honestly never feel test kick in. I just gradually get stronger throughout the cycle.
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    First cycle 12 weeks

    i didn’t catch that he was on trt. PCT doesn’t make much sense in that case.
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    First cycle 12 weeks

    PCT doesn’t look great. I’d look into adding some Nolvadex and Clomid if I were you. I’m not an expert on this stuff but 10mg of aromasin daily seems like a lot to me.
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    I’m also curious about why the changes in doses. I believe in the less is more approach but 250mg/week seems pretty low to me, I’m not sure how much results you’ll see from that.
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    1 month run of AAS

    Test P/Tren/Mast
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    Gym Accessory/Attachment Must Haves!!!

    I guess I’m lucky, my gym has I think 3 different mag grips. I’ve never really had to buy my own stuff other than a belt because they already have everything I would really need.
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    Wanna smile take a gander!

    Can’t believe people are actually going to vote for him
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    Cycle Log

    Following along. What are your goals for this cycle?
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    Gym Accessory/Attachment Must Haves!!!

    I’m a big fan of the mag grips