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    Do blue tops ship cold?

    I have started takin the blue tops, and have enough for I think 45 days left or close to that. I want to take for longer, but was wondering if I need to order my refills before summer comes around? temps are reaching 60 degrees where I am on an average-warm day, and I’ve read that even powder...
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    HGH fasted?

    Hey all, I should be getting my blue tops tonight. Tomorrow at the latest. I have read a lot about gh working better if taken while fasted, but that will be difficult for me. I get home from work and the gym at around 7:30pm, then I eat around 8:00 or 8:30 and go to bed by 10:00. I was planning...
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    Mast or Proviron for mood?

    Okay, I’ll try to keep this short. I am currently on 200mg of test cyp per week via my doctor. 100% prescribed and picked up from a pharmacy. In a few days I will have both masteron enanthate and Proviron on hand. I am wanting to add one of those to my trt, but am only concerned with my mood and...
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    Quality of life “stack”

    Hey all! My bodybuilding days are behind me, and now I mainly workout for the mental health benefits, and to maintain my physique. I’m 5’10”, 205lbs, and about 12% body fat. Currently I am on 200mg test cyp per week from my doctor. I can maintain my body on this with 4 gym sessions a week, and...
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    Blue tops pictures?

    Hello, does anyone have pictures of the new hgh blue tops? I want to order and try them out, but anything I use needs to look like it is from a doctor. I’m on TRT through my doc, so gf knows and understands. I was hoping these blue tops would look at least somewhat “professional”, so I can tell...
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    Are taurine effects acute or cumulative?

    I have been getting debilitating lower back pumps on my deadlift days lately, and have bought some taurine to combat it. Does taurine need to be taken every day, or merely before the workout that is causing me problems? Thank you all, as always I appreciate your input and help.
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    Mike Arnold cardarine?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has used the gw from masupps.com? I’ve used the somatozine before and based on the initial weight gain and hunger I feel like it was legit, but I wanted to see if anyone has tried the gw? Thanks everyone, looking forward to your responses.
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    Mast vs proviron for cruise

    Hey guys. Right now I’m on a blast for 16-20 weeks, and once I’m done with that I’m going to get back on my doctor prescribed 160mg a week of test. Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of adding 200mg of masteron or 25mg of proviron a day once I’m back to cruising. Do any of you have a...
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    Superdrol and Tren Enanthate Log

    Hey guys! My pack came in the mail today, so I’m going to start my superdrol/tren e log. This will mainly be a training log, though I will keep track of my weight, and have some progress pictures also. I will say however that I do not plan to keep track of my diet much at all other than to make...
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    Effect of gabapentinoids on protein synthesis?

    I know that alcohol has a negative effect on muscle protein synthesis. Does anyone know if other gabapentinoids have a similar negative effect? If you are unfamiliar with the class of drugs I mean drugs like gabapentin, phenibut, baclofen, and pregabalin. Any insight that you have on this would...
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    Superdrol dose timing?

    Hey guys, I am about to receive 50 20mg Superdrol tablets from SB labs. I just wanted to ask for some advice on how you all think I should run this? I know a lot of people start at 10mg a day, but if I do that I’ll have to buy a pill splitter, and it would be tough to split down to quarters so I...
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    Superdrol and tren enanthate log?

    Hey guys, any interest in a superdrol and tren enanthate log? I’m currently on doc prescribed TRT at 150mg of cyp a week. I’m planning on doing 440mg of tren a week until my 4 vials run out (should last anywhere from 16-20 weeks depending on how close to 10ml the vials are), and I’m still...
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    RX gear available in the US?

    Does anyone have a list of what AAS is available to be prescribed in the US? Long story short I stumbled upon a doctor who will legit prescribe me anything I want. I went in and told him I have been using gear for a few years, and know I’ll have low test if I stop. He did not ask me to get...
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    Expired pharmaceutical test?

    Hey guys, my buddy who was on TRT just gave me 5 bottles of test cyp he was being prescribed because he doesn’t want to pin anymore and is switching the the cream. However, the bottles expired on April 2021. Does anyone have any idea how long they will be good for? Now let’s hear all the “send...
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    Are tablets scored?

    Does anyone know if SB’s tablets are scored? I ordered some superdrol, and wanted to take 20 or 30 mg a day. However, I’d like to split the dosage morning and night, and with the tablets being 20mg each that will be tough unless I can split them... speaking of, has anyone tried their superdrol...
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    triptorelin source?

    So some of you might remember the thread I posted a while back about my endocrinologist. Basically I was trying to get my natural test levels back after 3 years of cruising/blasting and the doc had no clue what he was doing. I was able to get my hands on some pharmacy grade hcg and clomid...
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    does my endo know his stuff?

    long story short I crashed my test after years of anabolic cruising and blasting. Total test was sub 100 and both LH and FSH were .1 and .2 (forget which one was which and don't have my bloodwork with me right now). The trt doctor I am seeing prescribed 500iu of HCG eod for 3 months and if...
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    endocrinologist what to expect?

    I started taking Anabolics when I was 19 years old and am now 22 almost 23. I have probably been off for a combined 1-2 months total during this time period. I know how stupid this was and do not wish to be lectured. I have been on hrt doses for the past few months and for personal reasons have...
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    Huperzine with mk 677

    I just bought some mk 677 pills. 90 caps 10mg each. Planning on running 30mgs 20-30 minutes before my last meal of the day then going to sleep shortly after. I am going to do that for 30 days and judge from there if I want to continue. After reading around I saw that a lot of people claim that...
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    Eq 500?

    Just wondering if anyone here has ran the Eq 500mg? Thinking about it but would love to hear some people's experiences with it. i.e. pip, oil thickness results etc. etc.. Thanks for your time Rob