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  1. dmart47

    Another Great Experience

    I have not ordered in a few months, but as soon as I needed something SB labs delivered. And I mean delivered like faster then Amazon prime! and if you have not tried High Octane your missing out...thanks again SBLabs
  2. dmart47

    WOW...Thank You!

    I just wanted to share an experience I had with SBL and there amazing customer service, but I have to start with how fast I received my order. I know the rules so I will just say everything from first communication to delivery puts Amazon to shame. We are always quick to turn to the forums and...
  3. dmart47

    First Order

    Just placed my first small order with SB. So far the communication has been top notch! excited to try their gear! Ill keep everyone updated! Dmart
  4. dmart47

    another TD from the Kimg

    Was running low on my Test 400 that I bought a while back. After being concerned with the PIP initially, those worries are gone and I stocked up on another 30ML jug. This was my 5th or 6th order with the King and every time its like Amazon. lighting fast. I am trying the Kings Tren E this time...
  5. dmart47

    another quick turnaround

    I just wanted to thank King for another great transaction. Ordered late afternoon and woke up the next morning with all my order info and package arrived couple days later. These guys are best in the game right now. Great products, awesome customer service, lightning fast shipping. Thanks King!
  6. dmart47

    Test 400 Bite?

    Wondering if anyone has used King's T400 and was wondering if it has a bite to it. I used a test 500 by another source and I could barely sit on injection side for 2 days after each pin. Thanks in agvance. D
  7. dmart47

    Customer Service A+

    Just received my 2nd TD from the King and I have to say that the customer service is among the best I have seen in this game. Communication is fast, info is accurate and they are attentive to their customers. quickly becoming my only source. Thanks Guys! D
  8. dmart47

    First Order

    just placed a small order from KL. I am excited to try out there products. I tried a 30ml of test P and a couple other goodies. Ill report updates! Dmart
  9. dmart47

    Thanks for having me

    Hello everyone, new here but been in the game for too many years..was on BOP for a long time with same name. Looking forward to chatting with everyone. Darrell