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  1. Stormy1

    Ban Shotta609

    Multislacking posted in the past he would indeed ban people for doing this exact thing so he better hope Multislacking doesn’t catch on to what he’s doing.
  2. Stormy1

    Minimum effective deca dose

    Finished first deca cycle about 7 weeks ago. 300/wk with test at 500/wk. Don’t believe I got anything from the deca except a little less hair. Deca from a good source so confident it was ok. Not sure if I’ll try it again or not. Kind of bummed because I’ve always heard of the gains others got...
  3. Stormy1

    Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!

    What deca are you using? I just went thru two vials at 300/wk and I might as well have been pinning water because I had zero results with it. It was my first deca cycle so guess I’m a poor responder. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Stormy1

    Your Protein at Work:

    Short clip showing microscopic view of protein moving around.
  5. Stormy1

    In a tight spot? Need products fast?

    Awesome Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Stormy1

    New to the Forum

  7. Stormy1

    Welcome to ASF

  8. Stormy1

    TD porn 🍆💦 if she dies, she dies💦🍆

    Lol, get it Sam. Looks good!
  9. Stormy1

    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    Get 500 posts then ask again. Until then it really shouldn’t matter to you. Whatever testing is done will always be posted in a sponsors subforum so keep an eye on that while you’re getting your post count up.
  10. Stormy1

    Welcome, TKO

  11. Stormy1

    Welcome, Healthyandfit

  12. Stormy1

    Welcome, williamsamuelson

  13. Stormy1

    Welcome, CocoPuff

  14. Stormy1

    Welcome, GymCog

  15. Stormy1

    Welcome, JayD

  16. Stormy1

    Welcome, SouthernMuscle88

  17. Stormy1

    New old guy!

    Welcome I’m sure
  18. Stormy1

    Finally got gyno

    So Wes is running some R-Andro cream and I’m fairly certain the write up on it says it can help prevent and even reverse gyno. Might be worth asking Wes about. GYMnTONIC
  19. Stormy1

    Reddog is sad