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  1. cowleygains

    Gyno Half way through PCT?!?

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can help... I blasted and cruised with dbol on first blast and high test only on second (1.2g test e at the highest point) I was taking arimidex, had some nolva in hand and HCG regularly. I never had any gyno issues whilst on cycle I then took it down to a TRT dose...
  2. cowleygains

    2018 high test cycle, thoughts welcome

    Hey all I’ve put together a cycle I wanna do this year I’m 6 foot, 94kg and just shy of 10% bf Any tips before I go and buy the gear? Wasn’t sure whether I need nolva in the mix throughout the cycle too? Weeks 1-2 600mg test enth/cyp per week Weeks 3-8 600mg test enth/cyp per week 30mg dbol...
  3. cowleygains

    KRATOS PHARMA.... any good?

    Hi all I have some clomid from kratos pharma It was an incredible price Has anyone used any products from kratos pharma and have any reviews? im not sure whether to use this, or bite the bullet and buy pharma grade too thanks
  4. cowleygains

    How does this pct sound for coming off a long old cycle

    Been on cycle for 20 weeks Which has included tren enth, dbol, drol and test e Currently just on 400mg test e a week With tamoxifen and letro I have this proposed pct 3 weeks after last test e jab... Chlomid 100/50/25/25 weeks 1-4 Hcg 2500IU a week in two jabs I was gonna take the letro...
  5. cowleygains


    Literally don't understand this Was on 400mg test enth and tren enth a week Was taking 50mg dbol a day and 75mg anadrol 1mg arimidex and tamoxifen every day Still getting gyno!! I stopped everything but the test to see if that stops it But what could it be? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. cowleygains

    Lads, I can't get a hard on

    Hey guys after coming off tren and test for quite a long blasting and cruising cycle (Dbol was involved in the earlier stages) I've been pct ing with clomid (100mg a day for 2 weeks, then 25mg for two weeks) I am 1 week and a half through I've carried on using arimidex and tamoxifen through...
  7. cowleygains

    Gyno- what do I do?!

    Hey everyone Like 5/6 weeks into a cycle Started 600mg of test enth a week from day 60mg of dbol we built up from day 1 And 350mg of tren enth every week started on week 4 Arimidex 0.5 mg eod I've started getting level 1 gyno and its horrible Want to sort it out before it gets any worse and...
  8. cowleygains

    Anadrol doesn't aromatise to oestrogen but still causes gyno

    I've read that drol doesn't aromatise to oestrogen, but some people still report gyno?? If this is the case I'm guessing an AI won't stop sides What can I take? And is it safe to stack with arimidex as I'll be blocking sides of tren and dbol? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. cowleygains

    MASS cycle, sound good?

    Hey everyone Not been on this website for a while, as ive been off for the last 6 months (horrible lol) Its that time of year to start juicing again, to get swole for the festive season, and this time im going for the max amount of mass i can put on, without getting too porky, so here we go...
  10. cowleygains

    PCT with HCG and clomifene citrate

    Hey everybody, i appologise if this is already covered, i tried reading other PCT posts, but couldnt work it out to apply to my cycle Ive got roughly 12-14 days left of a test prop (580mg/wk) and tren ace (480mg/wk) pinning every 2 days masteron and dbol were in the cycle earlier, but i dropped...
  11. cowleygains

    tren dick/ fighting prolactin levels

    Hey so im half way through week 7 hitting 450mg of test prop 450mg of tren ace 450mg of masteron prop and using 1000mcg of mtren per session the last few weeks ive started experiencing what i think is tren dick it still goes up, but sometimes half way through smashing a bird it just goes floppy...
  12. cowleygains

    how much fluid is safe to pin

    hey, sorry if this has already been asked in another thread, but i couldnt find it i was just wondering if theres a max amount thats safe to be pinning regularly im hitting a rip blend dilluted with grapeseed oil at the ratio 1:1 EOD rotating between these points day1: 2.5ml in right glute...
  13. cowleygains

    hello from the UK

    Hey everybody, its alex, new to this site, ive browsed around a few before, but most of my knowledge and intel has come from buddies at the gym/ people i know so im excited to start using this site to talk to MUCH more people who also cycle should be interesting :)
  14. cowleygains

    ToRip 301 serious after injection pain

    Hey, just a quick question lads, ive been cycling TORIPTEST P 100MG TREN A 100MG MAST P 100MG MTREN 1000MCG which is a rip blend by Apollo labs, ive been injecting in glutes and shoulders (rotating) 1.5ml EOD ive tried warming the vial up in nearly boiling water before injecting and...