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    Modafanil: What, Where and When?

    So a bit curious myself but am really trying to find/ locate for a friend and maybe hear from other members who have any experience personally or have done any thorough research on the subject. So before another member gives me instructions on how to use the "advanced search" engine, know this...
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    G C first timer

    Ldog and GC made it allgood.Quick t/a,stealth pkg,smooth experience. Got a few of the t suspensions and some other goodies. Suspension has no bite at all.Taken it pre workout past 2 days. Will update when get to other items Just wanted to put it out there. Thanx
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    Been waiting almost 4 wks. for a Steel Gear td.What gives?
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    Been waiting almost 4 wks for a Steel Gear rd.What's really going on ?
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    Refrigeration of liquid ai s and serms after opening

    Another newbie question from New member.I know HCG and G must be refrigerated after being broken down.Am New to the liquid ai s and serms,must they be refrigerated after opening as well ?Any input or advice would be Greatly Appreciated
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    Transdermal Patches

    Hey Folks new to the Gh ,peptides and RC scene.Trying to educate myself and would like the do some research myself.Eventually when funds are right some GH.Got an email from" another forum" advertising these transdermal HGH patches with a 30 day guarantee.Am I being naive as these are most likely...
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    Hey Folks,new to this forum.Been coming on and doing a lot of reading but first post.Been in and out of the gym(amongst)other places over 20yrs now.Just a white boy from the hood trying to stay sober and eat right, train and relieve stress.Have a lot of questions about RC s and peptides if...