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  1. ArgonCoagulator

    Doctor was on Deca for 20 years straight!

    He credits Niacin at 500mg 3x/day for keeping his cholesterol levels dialed in while on TRT and low dose deca for 15-20 years straight.
  2. ArgonCoagulator

    Taeian Clark and the 'Deca Only' cycle explained

    I'm actually a member of the Facebook group and the theories are interesting but IDK if I'd ever want to test their theories. I communicated with a knowledgeable member (not Taeian himself) in-depth yesterday while I was at work to find out exactly why/how this deca only or low test and deca...
  3. ArgonCoagulator

    Volume is the "main driver" of hypertrophy

    All the know-it-alls on YouTube are saying volume is the main driver of muscle hypertrophy. If this is true, why do I not experience more muscle growth when I do multiple sets with the same weight? I only seem to grow when I increase the weight even if the reps are less and overall volume is...
  4. ArgonCoagulator

    Infectious disease expert on Corona Virus

    He says it's 10-15x more deadly than the common flu and it is NOT just an "old person disease". https://youtu.be/cZFhjMQrVts
  5. ArgonCoagulator

    Nipro pins problems??

    I've only ever used GPZ for my pins and have always gotten either BD 3ml 25g or Exel 28-29g Slin pins. This time I decided to try Nipro pins bc they also carry 27g needle tips. So I ordered 100, 23g 3ml Nipros and 100 27g needle tips. The problem I'm now facing is the oil (which is Dutch so...
  6. ArgonCoagulator

    Interesting info and solutions for Deca/Npp use

    Very interesting read. They cite sources toward the end. a guy in a YouTube comment on Dr. Thomas O'Connors recent video on Deca recommended this article to me: https://www.reddit.com/r/PEDsR/comments/812n58/nandrolone_deca_dick_real_cause_and_potential/ As I mentioned earlier in /r/peds, deca...
  7. ArgonCoagulator

    Anyone else coming off/PCT for the new year?

    My last shot was 12/23/2019 of 100mg of sustanon, so I tank after 5 days. It's been 12 days off so far and I'm doing much better than my last two attempts at coming off. My energy is tanked, but my libido is definitely pretty good considering the low energy. I'm doing Wendler 531 and strength is...
  8. ArgonCoagulator

    What can a brother do for me?

    Alright guys shit is getting too real up in ASF and some times we need to be reminded that in the end we're all brothers and that ain't never, ever gonna change. So take a few minutes to watch this video and really take in the meaning. I really like this one and can sing every lyric and you...
  9. ArgonCoagulator

    ***Weekly MG totals for EOD and E3D pinning***

    I once wondered how the hell to figure out dosing protocols for EOD and every 3rd day pinning, since more stable levels will provide better results, less sides and better mood. So I did the math. Here are the weekly mg totals for our favorite dosing options: EOD (every other day) 50mg =...
  10. ArgonCoagulator

    TheFitnessBoard bro

    Hey bros! I hail from the fitness board. Just saying wuzzahhh!!??