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  1. Landmark_Daisy

    Got cheated?

    My guy got a kilo tren from a source from us domesti with very cheap price but he thought he was got cheated. Because tren color was green and tested shit. I hope you guys don't get cheated from that source and to be careful before ordering, don't be fooled by appearances...
  2. Landmark_Daisy


    Hi all AFS friends, anyone know a recipe of 17a-Methyl-1-Testosterone? I will pretty appreciate if someone can help me out, thank you :kiss:
  3. Landmark_Daisy

    Test prop frozen

    A guy use the recipe 10gr test prop powder (100mg/ml) 2ml BA(2%) 20ml BB(20%) 70.5ml sesame oil The same principle is used for making everything else, all others are on point, but test prop become like frozen, he tried to heat it and it becomes clear, but after some time it frozen again...