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  1. basskiller

    Visions kratom log (comparisons with smart drugs)

    I like the reds due to the effectivness as far as relieving pain.
  2. basskiller

    Sarms ~ sale ~ sarms ~ sale ~ sarms ~ sale

    But you really should put some form of picture on your peptide page.. looks a little unfinished
  3. basskiller

    Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!

  4. basskiller

    Making Blends

  5. basskiller

    Making Blends

    I'm the god of blending.. goes back to 2002 , in fact was the first to make an Cycle in a bottle. My first was tren and prop.. then moved on from thete.. I'm still the only guy who can make clomid in total solution at the numbers described. Many of the blends you see from different labs...
  6. basskiller

    Trenbolone enanthate recipe. Please help

  7. basskiller

    I'm having a problem with a particular source

    Look, most of us have been down that road before. My take on it.... You talk to the reps and see if they can satisfy the situation. . Normally these guys are great at what they do.. If that doesn't work, go straight to the source. Tell him what's going on and what you've done to solve the...
  8. basskiller

    last song you listened to

  9. basskiller

    OTC Diuretic

    dandelion root
  10. basskiller

    new lady on board

    30 lbs is a hell of alot to be adding in such a short time without changing diet Do you have a before and after picture? Block out your face, maybe something on the line of bikini. I would honestly like to see exactly what type of weight your putting on.. cause that's alot..
  11. basskiller


    What's the pills look like inside?
  12. basskiller


    Welcome to ASF
  13. basskiller

    ADMIN HELP: Board fees... did they triple or is PPL beside given bad info.

    Why would you not drop a line to the iwnet.. cause posting this openly gets you what. ??? Only the owner will know prices and or increases
  14. basskiller

    gh0stface new member here

    Welcome to the ASF COMMUNITY
  15. basskiller

    Crashed or Mouldy gear?

    Never seen that before.. doesn't look good
  16. basskiller

    What's one compound you'll never touch and why?

    Winstrol... my knee joints are bad alreay.. I don't need to be taking anything that's going to make that worse
  17. basskiller

    I am married, there is a smoking hot woman coming on to me

    Married 25 years and together 32.. There will always be temptations. . Your character will define your actions. Think of the wife that bore you 5 children, let alone the kids themselves. It would be one thing if your wife was a total douche.. but that doesn't seem anywhere near the case...