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    Just a thought.. suggestions are welcomed

    More expensive than going UGL but not as expensive as I’ve seen most people that have gotten a script. Definitely not something I’ll be buying often but occasionally it’s nice to have it from the pharmacy
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    TPP-NPP-Mast P Blend log

    In for this
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    Just a thought.. suggestions are welcomed

    300 atipp/wk 800 eq/wk 200 dhb/wk all GC 50mg var from my doc a day
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    Why Deca instead of Test

    Increased synovial fluid
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    2nd week smaller Cycle results so far

    I feel like you don’t know the difference between mg and ml. At least that’s what I hope. Do you mean you were taking 1ml of deca that is 250mg/ml? Are you doing that four times a week now?
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    Ask Mr Green, Diet, Supplement, Training, Workouts, Gear

    It aromatized at half the rate of test so I wouldn’t think so. I am taking 800mg a week now with like 180 mg test and no bloat with 12.5 mg aromasin 3x a week.
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    Another TD

    Another TD from GC. There was a minor hiccup causing the slightest delay (which means I still received it faster than other sources). Bc of this they included a few extra goodies which was in no way necessary but certainly appreciated. Always smooth and always great doing business with GC.
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    V’s GC + PL Log

    I enjoyed your last log. In for this one too
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    New TRT Addition

    I get deca, var, and test from defy medical in the US. They have winny but I don’t care to use it. My test is at 150, deca at 100, and var they give me 50mg a day for 8 weeks. Doc just says don’t take the deca and var together but alternate as I see fit. deca for joints. Var for iron levels.
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    Anyone Very Gyno Prone?

    It’s out there. You can try tamoxifen if it’s easier to access. Maybe even add mast.
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    Trt and anastrazole + masteron... does the masteron make sense?

    I’d try to get them separate as well. I only use .125 twice a week at most on my TRT dose.
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    Anyone Very Gyno Prone?

    Hit them with some letro and ralox while on TRT dose and see if you can eliminate or seriously mitigate the issue
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    My TRT Clinic abruptly closed!!!

    I use defy. I think they are based in fla as well
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    Ask Mr Green, Diet, Supplement, Training, Workouts, Gear

    Maybe mr green could elaborate on his services and pricing. I’d be interested in this info
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    HFO3 Dont tread on me bitch...PSL TRT PLUS review

    1st time she gave YOU anal? 😂
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    How many people would use eq again.

    I think this is a gross oversimplification. My levels were never out of range on EQ and I certainly got more vascular. Not to mention people get vascular on other compounds. That can’t always be attributed to improper levels
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    Killionb12 Journey to Nationals

    Seeing weekly improvements man. Great work
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    Max’s log

    Nice. I like seeing a solid 5x5 ...and ass and tits
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    How many people would use eq again.

    I have anxiety and I have found Eq does not increase it. It also hardly affects my RBC or HCT. I donate a couple times a year to be safe but I think that the “it turns your blood to syrup” side is overblown. At least for me personally. I use it for 20 week cycles.