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    At my biggest I was 292 lbs. I am 6' 6". I was doing 300 mg of Test EOD so 1050mg per week back then and struggled with sides. I can't imagine doubling what I was doing back then. Now I usually weigh 255-265 lbs depending on the time of year and I haven't exceeded 700mg/wk of Test in years. I...
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    The probable outcomes of running more than 2000mg of Test are: 1. Heart attack. 2. Stroke. 3. Death.
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    Clostebol and Fernando Tatis

    Idiot Padres invested 300 million in this bum and he has twice hurt himself severely doing dumb shit off the field and now this. Dodgers rule anyways. Tatis is the new Ryan Braun.
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    G.C TboL

    BP with TBol is much better than with Anadrol or Dbol. I take Losartan 100mg for my BP and have used 50mg of GC T-bol with no issues. Calf pumps are an issue though. Very good results if you are very lean. Do not expect weight gain.
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    So hard to find apt or house to rent

    Come to Wisconsin, you can get a 2 bedroom in a good area for $1000. BUT, you have to put up with rednecks, fat fucks, inbreds, idiots who like to drink a 30 pack of Busch Light while fishing, then drive home blasted out of their mind and beat their wife. Half of your neighbors will have at...
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    Gear Church

    I don't see Gear Church on the sponsor forums....
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    ZPHC Vs EP

    I use GC now but used EP in the past multiple times and had no complaints. I used EP through PSL and had very good results.
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    What’s everyone thoughts on this cycle?

    I consider myself pretty educated on PED's( mainly through trial and error and consistent health checks) and I don't know half of what Vision and Coach Cabo know. Listen to their advice. Even when people are doing stupid shit, they try to help. I don't have the patience or temperament that they...
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    It costs me $23 for 3 months worth through my insurance. I started using it at 28 and my hairline hasn't budged in 15 years. I highly recommend it uf you believe your hairline is receding even slightly.
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    Worst PED Experience You Ever Had?

    Alinshop. That mother fucker is as crooked as Owen Wilson's nose. Baby aspirin and canola oil are standard from that prick. He's ripped off more people than that creepy My Pillow pervert. Fuck him. Fuck his mom. Fuck his sister. And fuck all his descendents until the end of time. I would love to...
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    Paid For Order 2 days Ago

    You shouldn't have tried to pay him with food stamps.
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    Adding NPP

    NPP is great for joints like the previous person said. My joints are fucked. Im 43 and have been lifting since I was in junior high. I was also a pitcher at a high level D1 university so my joints are a mess and I do no not like deca so NPP has been great for me. Its great for lean mass...
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    Ldog's Recommendation for old farts!

    I currently use this blend. Excellent way to put on lean mass with limited pins. I'm 43 and have been lifing since I was 12 so my body feels like I am 53 but I look better than 95% of 23 year olds. I'm currently 6'6" 255 lbs and feel and look great. Highly recommend this blend. I'm also using...
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    Like a well oiled machine

    Placed one last order before the sale ended. Everything went perfectly as usual. Currently 6' 6" 267 lbs. with visible abs. Since I will only be using TPP/NPP/Mast P mix, I could add 10-15 lbs and look pretty damn big or lose 10-15 lbs and look really ripped. As a lifelong resident of SoCal who...
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    Nandrolone- Left ventricular hypertrophy

    I have LVH and I have only used test, NPP, deca, mast and winny over the years. I have been honest with my doctor's over the years. My steroid use is documented on my medical records. I am also 6' 6" and men over 6' 4" tend to be more prone to LVH according to doctors I have seen. If you...
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    How much money

    I can't ever remember spending more than $800 or $900 a year tops. As far as the bench press angle, that is a relatively useless statistic. I'm 6'6" with a 6"9" wingspan so when I had my best ever bench of 425, that's like some Mark Wahlberg 5'7" guy benching 600. A Mike Tyson punch wouldn't...
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    Best drug of choice to get vascular

    Viagra or Cialis really bring out penis vascularity. When I take Viagra my crank looks like a street map of Los Angeles.
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    Michigan Bust

    Well, Michigan basically poisoned half of Flint with bacteria laden water, a couple of militia nuts tried to kidnap their governor, the Lions suck, the Pistons suck and last but not least it is the state responsible for Kid Rock, quite possibly the worst musical artist ever. That loser makes...
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    Michigan Bust

    I apologize for not being able to post the link, my phone is acting up. Maybe someone else will have better luck. If you Google "Troy Michigan steroid bust" you will find the story. I have never heard of ExpressPCT.com or ExpressPEDS.ws but they were the ones taken down. The story is a good read.
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    Heart Check Up Recommendations

    The previous gentleman is 100% correct. A nuclear stress test and echo are the 2 most important tests. I had them done 2 years ago when I was hitting 40. I have high BP and my dad and grandfather died of heart attacks. The echo is easy. Similar to what a pregnant woman gets done. You lay in...