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    Sblabs transformation

    Yea lol just asking that’s how much I take only when I hit the platform
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    Sblabs transformation

    That test is so high… just wondering why
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    Who hasn’t tried FLASH LABS yet?

    I’ve been wanting to I’ve tried two on asf. Do want to try this.
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    First GC order and TD

    Just started my GC NPP and test e
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    Bouwen pharmaceutical

    My boys say this is garbage bowen.. threw the dbol in the trash
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    JP pals didn’t deliver

    Well, had to file a dispute online I sent photo of payment. Also owes me back orders. I lost that little piece of paper but eh everyone says ez fix. But I guess not maybe I’ll try another lab. Everyone esle has good service my bank says they received it. Well no bashing not a hater I love their...
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    Juicepals unsatisfied

    Well, I had two good touch downs. But the third I never got sent my back orders. Last never got a reply “he replied but I never got the emails” I’m sure he’s a cool dude. But now he’s saying he didn’t receive payment unless given the wrong info. Thank you! Loved the gear
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    Bro, I see a lot of good reviews on JP and GC not sure who to chose what would u recommend
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    just got my first GC order

    Hey buddy, who would you suggest me trying gc or jp? For like provo,npp etc