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    if u have not used GC trena/mastp blend u r Slackn & missn out Big time!! trenamastp 300 of each/week with testpp/npp 400 each/week i Feel like Captain America!!! 0 sides!!
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    pomps scam a bunch of people & change named?
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    is there really a potency difference between using AA & bac when reconstituting igflr3? i use bac for gh & igflr3 just for convinience
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    aod9604/fragment176-191 ?

    any1 have 1st hand experience with females using aod9604/fragment176-191for Fat loss?
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    a little off topic but whatever. finally got me an AR jig👍!! let the invisle AR machining begin!😁😁 i know Ldog & GC r down!!
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    Say what?

    GC top notch as Usual!!!
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    trenA/mastp 300 blend

    if any of u guys havent used GC's trenA/mastP300 blend give it a shot! Shit is pure fire🔥
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    Sign in

    When i get on your site i am not able to sign in, r u currently have site issues?
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    inject sdrol ?? GearGoddess???

    how many of u ladies or how many of u guys wifes have used inject sdrol ?
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    say what?? FKN PURPLE TOP!!!

    Purple top trenA150/mastP150 Blend!!! any of u guys that are not taking advantage of this blend u r missing out on lean gains & fat loss! i like to pin the blend 35mg ED with an additional 200-250mg/week of mastP & 600mg sustanon/week. thanks for Great Products GC & team!!
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    I find a domestic Source for Caber can some1 hell mehr out? Dont want to b order from international at this Time. Thanks
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    Ship time

    Whats eta on shipping from euro1 to US ?
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    Big prop!!

    i want to give a HUGE thanks to administration, members, & sponsor for this Great site! Administration does a fabulous job at keeping information & articles fresh in all the sections! thanks for helping us be able to find reliable, training, supplement, nutrition, & PED info ASF! Chad
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    Inject sdrol!!

    If anyof u guys havent tried GC's inject sdrol u r missing out. I just pin 10mg 30-45minutes b4 work & its FKN ON. I personally like bilaterally sight injecting with a 29g slin pin. Shit is Fire!!
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    4 real ?

    Recently made my 1st order with GC, I sent funds, funds picked up, products at my door!! Holy FK unbelievable, GC don't FK around!! Big Thanks GC!! Chad