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  1. TwoDollarTacos

    Giving ASL a run

    I’m pretty excited to give a new source a run. So far I’ve been nothing short of amazed at how fast they communicate on this board prior. Looking forward to trying someone new.
  2. TwoDollarTacos


    Agreed. I don’t have many posts on this account but I’ve been on here for awhile. Things never end well when going after reputable members or sources.
  3. TwoDollarTacos

    Flash needs a tren enan with tbol logger

    Any requirements to be a logger?
  4. TwoDollarTacos


    Not a good start
  5. TwoDollarTacos

    I probably should've asked this before...

    How's the Test E 400mg? Anyone use? Regardless, I loved my run with Ace last time. Let's see how this goes, or hurts lol
  6. TwoDollarTacos

    What happened to Apollo?

    I remember seeing a new source on this board by that name. I haven't been on in awhile and now they're gone in just a few months time. Just curious.
  7. TwoDollarTacos

    Back again

    The forearm tattoo is dope.
  8. TwoDollarTacos

    Kinglabs Gone?!

    Holy shit, that's what was floating in my Tren vial?
  9. TwoDollarTacos

    Best Bulk Supplements

    Bulk supplements on Amazon.
  10. TwoDollarTacos

    Creatine is Medicine

    There's really no reason to not take creatine unless you have some condition that would say otherwise. As cheap as it is, 3g a day and you're good to go.
  11. TwoDollarTacos

    How often do you guys lift

    I do push, pull, legs 6 days a week. I'm gonna deload to get rid of some aches and pains and will turn it down to 3 days a week.
  12. TwoDollarTacos

    I’m having trouble getting over 175lbs

    This thread is old but today is the last day of my cycle so let me update. Cycle: Test E 200mg per week & Tren Ace 30mg ED. I started my cycle at 5'6 175lbs and eating 2600 calories a day. I was lifting weights 6 days a week with 10 minutes of cardio post workout. Several members advised me to...
  13. TwoDollarTacos

    I’m having trouble getting over 175lbs

    As for the amount I was using, I had commented in this thread I was running a low dose Test Tren cycle: Test E 200mg per week Tren Ace 30mg ED I say low, because those numbers are pretty low compared to what I see some people posting around here nowadays.
  14. TwoDollarTacos

    I’m having trouble getting over 175lbs

    I just saw all this and have no idea why this guy assumed I was 150lbs when I started the cycle. I guess I wasn't clear I was 175lbs prior to my cycle and didn't gain a pound in the first two weeks. I'm also only 5'6 lol
  15. TwoDollarTacos

    Tren and bulking

    Really weird I came across this because I just finished a Tren bulk. I love Tren. I started a bulking cycle with low Test and high Tren. The weight gain was a struggle. My cycle just ended today and now planning a deload for the next two weeks to take care of some aches and pains I'm going...
  16. TwoDollarTacos

    Does smoke and marijuana smoke more particularly

    Probably the best thing I ever did was quit smoking. All it did was made me want to sleep. Not for me.
  17. TwoDollarTacos

    I’m having trouble getting over 175lbs

    You're right. Everyone in this thread is. I need to stop the I want to stay lean crap if I want to add serious weight. I'm going to start upping my calories. In all honesty the cardio is to keep my asthma in check. I have incredibly bad asthma that goes away if I do some light cardio sessions...
  18. TwoDollarTacos

    I’m having trouble getting over 175lbs

    Stats: 30 years old 5’6 175lbs I train 6 days a week with 10 mins of cardio post lifting. I’ve been stuck at this weight for a month now. My lifts have increased despite not gaining any weight on my current bulk. I’m currently eating 2600 calories. I’m a tad hesitant to increase my calorie...
  19. TwoDollarTacos

    Suspicious delivery text

    My guy, phishing scams are at an all time high as well as robocalls. Don’t recognize the number? Don’t answer it. Weird text message with link? Do not click it. Whatever you do NEVER click a link from an unknown sender. I’ve had to explain this to my mother several times. I’ve been getting...
  20. TwoDollarTacos

    Not a new member but can someone explain the 'Thanks' buttons under my profile picture

    Now I understand. Thanks for the thorough explanation. Where's the dislike button though?