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    Leg Pinning: Yeh or Neh?

    Agree with this. Follow same technique and have never had an issue.
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    Steroids for Shoulder Injury

    Bpc157 on order. Ill let everyone know how well it works. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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    Steroids for Shoulder Injury

    Looking at BPC now. Looks promising.
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    Steroids for Shoulder Injury

    Wasn't going to get it checked out since it is getting better on its own. Just impatient and eager to start next cycle.
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    Steroids for Shoulder Injury

    Coming off of a shoulder injury from 2 months ago. Not sure what it was, but now have full range of motion and pain only when under load. Strength is gradually coming back. Would test and/or deca speed up the recovery process? I believe GH would help, but have none on-hand. Thanks.
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    My Current Cycle

    Need additional info. Cycle experience and goals would help. Anadrol for 12 weeks may be too much for anyone.
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    Goes to reason that any support a sleeve gives to your pressing movements is going to work against you when pulling. I suggest 2 pairs of sleeves, a stiffer pair for pushing, and a thinner pair for pulling.
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    LA fitness VS Golds Gym

    There is some great food in San Antonio too. And not just Tex Mex. Found a small pizza joint on the North side that had good Chicago style pizza.
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    Poll: Log book or no log book?

    Log. Have to to make progress. I have 30 years of workouts logged. Can look back and see what programs were most effective for me. All that trial and error would be lost without workout logs.
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    Torn bicep repaired, train or no?

    6 more weeks before i can start using resistence. Getting some great leg workouts in.
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    6 Hard Truths About Building Muscle

    Thanks for posting this. Good info.
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    Torn bicep repaired, train or no?

    Thanks all! Going to just work abs, legs, and cardio for a while. Shoulders could use the rest anyway.
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    Torn bicep repaired, train or no?

    Torn bicep repaired 2 weeks ago. Have been training the oppposite side, mostly machines. Starting to get low back pain from the twisting from the unbalanced loads. Best to keep after it, or layoff upper body all together until healed? Any modifications to prevent the low back twisting? Thanks.
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    ASF Rules Mandatory Read

    New member, good to be here.