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    3rd Cycle Critique

    I am planning my third cycle coming up here in the next month. It will be a short estered 10 week cycle, as I have a TRT follow up appointment which I need to be back at baseline for at week 14. My plan is to run 4-500mg Test P and 300mg NPP per week. Being this is the first time running NPP, do...
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    Deload Before Blast

    I am deloading for one week before my next blast. When training after a deload I start with low volume and work my way up to higher work loads. My questions is, during this low volume phase at the beginning of my blast, am I wasting the Dbol? Should I start the Dbol a few weeks in reap the true...
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    Gorilla Pharma Quality

    I have just received my order from The Gorilla Pharm and the first thing I noticed was how runny it is. It has a viscosity close to water. Anyone else have this issue or concern about their gear? test cypionate 200mg/ml
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    New Man Here

    I thought I'd properly introduce myself to everyone. I am currently on TRT for kallmann syndrome. TRT dose is 50mg/week, which put me at 535 ng/dl 7 days after last pin. Stats: Height: 5 foot 6 Weight: 135 Age: 24 BF%: 6 Going to be running my first cycle soon and just soaking in all the...
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    Low TRT Dosage

    My doctor recently prescribed me 100mg Testosterone Cypionate every other week. I have been following the doctors protocol to not mess up the blood tests he runs. After the first 3 months, I went in for lab work. My blood draw was 8 days after my last pin of 100mg, and my test levels were at...