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  1. J

    Need a supplement remade

    Anyone know a company that will remake a discontinued supplement? Dont care if its in ch y na…. Its not anabolic or anything at all I use to have a connection in the states and lost it and they were willing to remanufacture and remake what ever u wanted…. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Vyvance? Anyone use it before?

    Tryin to see if anyone has any real world usage results for vyvance?? Im thinkin of tryin to get a script if needed so i can concentrate at work better etc, gotta get something, its almost like addies, but a bit different….
  3. J

    Covid antibodies questions...

    So is there any data on antibodies such as how high someones is ir isnt after they get the vax??? What about data on people who are unvaxxed yet still have antibodies? I had the vid My antibodies are at this level: 2.60 on a rating of <1.0 and >1.0...... It says my antibodies are high...
  4. J

    Pantethine and or policosanol for cholesterol?

    So whats the consensus? 1 or both? To help lower cholesterol? I have red yeast rice but it interacts with xanax....
  5. J

    Viagra dapoxatine mix?

    Anyone carry this boner parade if a concocktion?
  6. J

    Test iso q

    How does it compare? To other tests....Is it smooth, or had any pip? Would anyone rather use test e or sust instead for trt purposes? I know u feel awesome but just asking to get a better feel for the usage of iso (atipp might be next) Anyone use it for trt and sub q injects?? Im thinkin...
  7. J

    Vertical diet?? Anyone ?

    So has anyone ever used stan's vertical diet? Just wondering as ive looked thru it, but havent read or seen any real world reviews.... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  8. J

    Boner city.... Wowza

    Never had liquid cialis that worked like this hahah, WOW like i turn a corner with my dick first, got to buy extra duct tape erryday My gawd GC thanks for the liquid cialis (yes ive had it a while) just got around to using it I think my balls have stretch marks now cause this thing wont stop...
  9. J

    Boner city.... Wowza

    Double post for some reason
  10. J

    Who's gonna do a covid gh sale??? Cmon u know u want to...

    Cmon peeps we have been waiting to see who is gonna drop some good growth sales due to us all being cooped up like chickens..... Its going to expire u may as well discount it for those who have garage gyms and or need to sit around and just watch fat melt.... :) Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using...
  11. J

    Is it bad to take all these together?: And when could u add others:

    So every night before bed this is what i take: Buffered vit c 1000 mlg (then another during the day since its buffered) 1 ea Zinc 1/2 tab (only when feeling a cold coming on) Pomagranate 1 ea Fish oil 1 capsule (vitacost synergy) 400 epa/200 dha 2 ea. Combo fish oil/coq10 (vitacost synergy)...
  12. J

    Ankebio ansomone or greys?

    Whats everyone's opinions on the good ol ankebio greys and ansomones?? Use to be able to get these but lost the contact... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  13. J

    Anyone have an old supplememt they wish they could get made again?

    I found a company but lost the contact info and they would make anything u wanted (legally) If i find them again: I want to re make mass action by met- rx, that shit was the bomb back in the day.... Not sure why but it was amazing for me Anything no longer made or carried by a certain...
  14. J

    Question about BOP...... grey tops

    Sooooo, any chance their grey to peeps will make their way over??? ..... Just a general wonderance is all Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  15. J

    What to do, no test high blood values

    Sooo i went off trt 1 yr ago, started taking some clomid 25 mlg eod, Test only raised to 457, and stopped clomid about 1 month ago, But the biggest kicker is my hematocrit and hemoglobin and rbc's Hematocrit 51.4 scale of 38-50 Hemoglobin 17.5 scale 13-17 Rbc's 5.94 scale 4.2-5.8 So not...
  16. J

    Besides donations how do u combat hematocrit and hemoglobin?

    Just wanted to get a convo rolling sorry if its been asked a ton as i dont know but wanted our collective minds to come together to see how to combat the bw sides if using any items Things that may aide u in the lowering of h&h Glycerine add to water Electrolytes Green tea Car dio Hitt...
  17. J

    Trestolone ace for trt!?

    Has anyone heard of trestolone ace? I guess it comes in pill and injectable form and is supposed to be like 5 x more potent than testosterone.... So i wanted to ask if anyone has heard of it or used in in regards to trt?? Sent from my iPP using Tapatrash