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    Worries, the future.

    I'm always worried lately. I'm 25 and have no idea what I'm doing/ what I'm going to do with my life. My biggest fear in my life is being a loser and I'm getting older and older and if feels like I'm wasting my time. Ive been stuck in the same place for 3 years. Everyone tells me do what makes...
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    Eating same foods daily

    My schedule is pretty damn hard to get around I work 10hour days and I'm about to start school I have a hard time getting my meals together and the easiest way I can prepare them all is to just eat chicken/steak,rice, beans and avocados all day My question is does it really make a difference...
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    Total dumb question

    I've always weighed my chicken cooked and never thought twice until today So today I went to the store and bought 4lbs of chicken and cooked it and only wound up with 2.8 lb of chicken which got me thinking about weight of was nutrition content compared to cooked So 6oz of raw to 6oz of cooked...
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    Does psl have HCG in stock if not is there an eta? Thanks in future reference Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Diet nutrition help

    Diet is the most important thing in working out and there is so many different diets I read and read but I never get no where I'm on a new mission I want to find MY diet I want to find my maintenance calories and go from there Can someone please give me advice on where to start 210-05 lb Was...
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    Keto, carb cycling, or wtf have I been doing

    Nutrition is always something I struggled with. Not because of will power but because there is so much knowledge it's hard to know where to go Keto worked for fat loss and Is my current diet but it didn't help with my strength so now my goal is carb cycling but because I've been on such low carb...
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    Anyone feel weak on keto

    ??? All my maxes are down Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stuart128's log

    I think it's time to start a log, for a long time I struggled with weight and dieting, never paying attention to labels or nutritional value of foods! I partied a lot threw highschool and it wound up catching up to me in my 20's cause I didn't stop. Started lifting when I was 20 and fucked...
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    Favorite brands for pct products

    There so many out there and so little reviews on them. Nova Clomid Your AI's (which ones do you prefer) Your HCG Let em rip ya filthy animals Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    People who don't research.

    Its crazy the amount of people who use AAS and don't actually know what they are doing. I met this kid who is takeing test and tren for only five weeks and has no AIs or pct plan what so ever he doesn't even know what that means. How can you inject something into you body with out researching it...
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    When will AAS expire?

    I realized that my goals in lifting aren't where I want to be yet and this forces my to push back my first cycle date. So I wanna know how I can store it to make it last longer and what would be the expiration of them Thank again
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    Need advice on strength

    Background information I've been running smolov finished the base cycle. Retest my one rep max, hit 365(old was315) so not that bad after that I decided to take 3 days off from squatting today I warm up no problem get to 275 and plan to hit 5x5 to start a base and wound up hitting 3x5 really...
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    Need a good HCG source

    Mine is out last thing on my list
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    Critique my weekly workout

    This is what I do every week. I enjoy it. As far as overtraining usually toward the end of the month I get cut some of the BBing exercises out and keep two or three. Need to throw in more cardio. But this is it Monday/Back-BI Main lift: *Deadlift 5x1 @ 85% Assistant lift *RDL or GoodMorning 6x6...
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    What a pain in the ass

    A week ago I lost my wallet (I'm shure it will turn up sooner than later) but what a pain it has been. I was supposed to go to the casino the other night couldn't get in, western union wouldn't let me use their service. I have paper copies of my drivers license and a FOID card but nothing. I...
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    What's up on the recipes? Had to work 74 hours last week got lazy and just made tuna with Greek yogurt and relish sandwiches Needless to say I think I got mercury poisoning lol( just a joke)
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    How to PM someone

    Not to tech savvy Help a brother out I'm still new here lol
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    Week 5 of smolov

    Crazy crazy amount of squating Sore as fuck but feeling good Also on a calorie deficit One more week and I test my max again 320 was my max hoping for 345/350 One word for this workout =narley
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    What does everyone do for work?

    How do you make your money? I'm an Emt basic shit blows and terrible pay lol
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    New guy

    New to posts been lifting for 5 years Hello everyone