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  1. exenzero

    Liver support/Cycle support?

    Hello friends, Anyone have any liver or cycle support they recommend?
  2. exenzero

    Is cutting on cycle a waste?

    is it a waste to cut on cycle? i’m going to explain my thoughts, and i hope people chime in with their own opinion. i’m still learning, as is the case with most people on here, so i could completely be wrong. i’m not too prideful to admit any potential mistakes! i hope most people have that...
  3. exenzero

    Potentially the best steroids at lower doses?

    Hello, my friends! in this brief write up, i will give my theory on something people may take for granted. this is the anabolic to androgenic ratio of a compound. first off, i wanted to put a disclaimer. this is not a one size fits all answer, and it could differ on an individual basis...
  4. exenzero

    What is your scariest experience?

    Hello my ASF friends, i wanted to pose a simple question. what is the scariest experience of encounter you’ve personally had or a friend/family member has had? another thread about demons in the pit got me thinking of halloween. i’m over summer already, too hot. may fall come fast! anyways...
  5. exenzero

    The FDA & basic supply and demand

    I hope most will agree with this. The FDA is a non market entity. they are a government entity. When the FDA or the government bans a certain market action, they are in turn only trying to eliminate the supply. there is a still a demand for whatever product, and in turn the someone will...
  6. exenzero

    Sarms vs steroids?

    do you guys ever think SARMs will overtake steroids? I mean, yes they are very similar. however, the general view is that SARMs are steroid lite, or people are “just afraid of needles”. I know currently SARMs are nowhere near the level of steroids, but i think they have real promise. in my...
  7. exenzero

    Time off?

    How much time do you guys actually take off after cycles? I know some people say time on = time off, but i think that’s a load of shit. If the bloods come back clean, everything is on the table. With that being said, i want your thoughts down below!
  8. exenzero

    Beginner tip for oral compounds

    Hello, i wanted to share an opinion to mitigate damage that might befall some users. If i was ever going to take a new substance, specifically like an oral/tablet, it would make sense to break off a very very very small portion of the pill to do an allergy test on it. If i was allergic to said...
  9. exenzero


    I just wanted to shoutout all the active users and staff. All of you have greatly contributed to my information and understanding becoming very solid. I appreciate all of you that take time out of your busy day to try and help people out around here. I would @ some people, but there are far too...
  10. exenzero

    Minimum effective deca dose

    Hello my ASF brothers, what do you guys think is the minimum effective deca dose per week? I believe it’s super common to pair deca with test for mass building. I would like to hear your thoughts on how much deca per week you see results at. thank you so much guys!
  11. exenzero

    How high does your hematocrit & hemoglobin get on cycle?

    for those who pull bloods, which i would hope would be all of you, how high does your hematocrit & hemoglobin get on cycle? how long after your cycle ends are those numbers in check to start another cycle? if you could state the cycle as well that resulted in X numbers being present in your...
  12. exenzero

    Questions about recent bloodwork

    Hello brothers, so i have some questions for you. running trt got some bloodwork done recently, and i want to know if this is average. so, i pin thursday sunday. i got my bloodwork done on a wednesday to see where my lowest points would be at. for reference, the dose is 160mg test c. I came back...
  13. exenzero

    favorite steroid for putting on mass/size?

    Sometimes, i make posts just to get some community feedback and opinions on compounds and related experiences. To my current question, what is your favorite compound or stack to really pack on mass and even your favorite mass gainer cycles. I assume tren will be a pretty common answer, but...
  14. exenzero


    Freedom is harmlessly boundless. Freedom is the ability to live your life how you want so long as you aren’t physically outputting force to violate the sovereign sanctity of another individual. To the only country founded on the principles of freedom and reason, i say my thanks. A mind guided by...
  15. exenzero

    Test levels on cycle

    For anyone who has gotten blood work done on a cycle with high test 400+ weekly, what was your total and free test sitting at? Also, how much of a difference would there be in 2200 ng/dl compared to like 2500 ng/dl, for example? What would you guys say for someone running 500 a week would be a...
  16. exenzero

    Wet Vs Dry Compounds & Opinions

    Hello, this is an odd specific question i’ve been thinking about for a while and would love user input. Let’s say we have a super tall and lanky person like 6’10 wing span, and they’re strong, but since they’re so tall and lanky they don’t seem to have much muscle on their frame. would you guys...
  17. exenzero

    Anadrol experience

    What is the general consensus on anadrol? If you have ever used it, know much about it, feel free to drop your experience below. If you have used it, what was the dose, cycle length, etc? I’ve heard it compared to dbol a lot, but what do we think? I’m excited to hear any stories, see any...
  18. exenzero

    Trestolone dosage

    Hello, just to get quickly to my question, does it matter much if you take trest every other day as opposed to every day? will the results be different? some people swear by every day injections and other seem to have great results with every other day. any feedback is appreciated.
  19. exenzero

    Trestolone Experience & Half Life

    Hey guys! I’ve been doing research on trestolone for fun, and I’ve gotten many conflicting reports on the compound in general. There is a commonly referenced studying stating the half life to only be 40 minutes, so that gets referenced a lot; however, that study was done with no ester attached...
  20. exenzero

    Potential first cycle suggestions

    Hey guys! For a hypothetical first cycle, how does Test C/E 400mg weekly, paired with 50mg of anavar or winstrol sound? Looking for modest first cycle suggestions to run for about 12-16 weeks. Maybe up the anavar or winstrol dose and lower the test to about 200mg weekly to function as a modest...