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    Tri tren cyp and anavar cycle

    Hi after some advice on best way of taking I'm going to run a 12 week cycle of 500mg test cyp 400mg tri tren and 100mg anavar currently 12 stone with 9% body fat,is there anything you would change or add familiar with the cyp and tri tren never tried anavar before?any advice welcome
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    Test cyp tri tren and anavar

    Looking at running a 12 week cycle of 500mg cyp 400mg tri tren and 100mg anavar ( NOT FIRST TIME RUNNING THE TREN BUT FIRST TIME ON ANAVAR) currently at 12 stone eating well at about 9%body fat any suggestions on the cycle or things I should maybe change??
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    Advice needed-Enanthate cypionate?

    New to the forums on week 2 of test enanthate at 500mg a week and got some more enanthate and cypionate is there any point stacking the two or carrying on with the enanthate and finishing with the cypionate also starting t bol tomorrow having 50mg a day??any advice is good advice