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    Is this considered TRT/ Cruise Dose?

    TRT/ Cruise DOSAGE 175 mg/wk Test E - 12 Weeks 100 mg/wk NPP - 12 Weeks 50mg/day Anavar - 6 Weeks- Discontinued for Duration All of the above lengths are based on good blood levels. I do plan on blasting after the above trt/ cruise. As long as bloods are good.
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    First TD with Ace. Good customer service and professional looking products. Big Shout Out To Bones and keeping it 100.
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    Gyno Question For The Experts

    I already know you guys are doing to tear my ass off the bone for not keeping ai on hand. I should've looking back and could've prevented every bit of this. I wouldn't consider myself a beginner but I'm no expertby far. I've ran a few cycles in the past. My Blood levels have always checked...
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    Domestic has great customer service and quick turn around- touch down time. I will definitely order again.
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    Source Check GC and Recommendations

    I've read a few reviews on different sources. Basically, what I'm trying to do is validate something before I go get scammed. I couldn't find a link to even review the gc products. Is the there a thread with links? Please let me know if I'm posting correctly. I'm not trying to get the boot...
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    New Member

    New member here. I am learning to navigate the pages and different threads. Hopefully, this is posted in the correct place.