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    Samson, WTF

    I've seen others asking about the auto reply from Samson. That's been my go to for a long time now, starting over sucks. Anybody know if he's out?
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    What's your TRT dose?

    I'm about at the same dose as everyone else here, 250 C per w, 2 shots. I also run HCG weekly, used to be twice weekly but I'm on the fence about it in general. Thoughts?
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    looking to cycle after 20 years

    Get in real shape Then investigate TRT 250mg / w will feel genuinely great and you won't have to deal with the off cycle bs Get all the ducks in a row first Do you wanna have HCG, kinda important question, a lot of opinions out there How will you do E management Over 40, not a competitor, TRT!
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    Do you old fuckers still squat?

    My gym has this, priceless https://freemotionfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/G610-3Q-M.png
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    Anyone else have an open minded doctor?

    I wouldn't even know how to begin that conversation with a regular doc. I imagine something like a mens clinic is straightforward, we're probably reliable customers. But a reg MD, probably wouldn't even try.
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    Do you old fuckers still squat?

    I have to use the squat machine but with it I still can handle a lot of weight. The machine at my gym goes to 400. Its a stand up, not the half laying down type, which is pretty much a real squat. The key is the long back pad that I lean against on the machine, without that it would be no-go...
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    What is the ideal equivalent to healthy T levels in MGs? For some reason that seems hard to find. Why wouldn't we all want to know reasonable ranges, like here is the minimum TRT level in MGs and here is the upper level? Anyone know?