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  1. Swolewelder

    Sale TD

    Got in on GC’s sale and it was the fastest TA I’ve ever had. GC is normally fast af but this was pretty crazy... I cannot recommend this shop enough.
  2. Swolewelder

    High stim PWO

    What high stimulant+nootropic pre work outs y’all using these days? Haven’t used one in a while but, wanted to try one out again.
  3. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Y’all know of anything that can help with lower back pumps on cycle? I’m running test and 100mg drol per day and I always get crazy back pumps all fucking day while I’m on orals. I’m sure there’s not much that can help it but any suggestion would help. I’m already drinking 3 gallons of water per...
  4. Swolewelder

    EQ pct timing

    Quick question. If the half life of EQ is roughly 14 days. At a dosage of 600mg per week how long would you wait to start PCT if you did a 16-20 week cycle? If I calculated it properly it would be like 5-6 weeks after last injection correct?
  5. Swolewelder

    Liquid clomid

    What’s up guys, I just got some clomid from my source and it came in liquid form, and if any of you have ever used liquid clomid before, it’s is the most foul tasting substance on earth. Has anyone come up with something that can be mixed with the clomid to make it more palatable? The initial...
  6. Swolewelder

    Triptorelin + PCT

    Has anyone used Triptorelin either as a stand alone or combined with a SERM for their PCT? I’ve been reading about it and I feel like it would be good to do 100mcg at the beginning of PCT and then run clomid/Nolvadex as usual... kind of like a really hard kickstart. I had a REALLY hard time...
  7. Swolewelder

    SUK Red Bali/Golden Hulu review by swolewelder

    Hey everybody, I was very fortunate to receive the opportunity to give a log/review of Straightup Kratom’s Red Bali and Golden Hulu. TA was extremely fast it got here before I even knew it was sent lol I dipped into a little of each yesterday and I’ve gotta say this stuff is potent. I normally...
  8. Swolewelder

    Mk-677 and waking up

    Hey guys, I’m thinking about running some mk-677 in between cycles when I pct in about a month and a half. My question for y’all is, since I wake up very early in the morning for work and I already find it difficult to wake up (I’m definitely not a morning person) did any of you have used it...
  9. Swolewelder

    Quick shout out

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give a quick shout out to GC for coming through, like always, with prompt and professional service. Made a small order for some Test C, Tren A, and some proviron. I’ve been on 600mg Test C for 2 months and I decided to go for it and run tren for 8 weeks to finish out my...
  10. Swolewelder

    Fuck coinbase

    Yo, I’m tired of getting locked out of coinbase.... I don’t have access to a coin atm because I live in the ass end of nowhere. Any recommendations for good places to buy coins and some good wallets you use on iOS preferably?
  11. Swolewelder

    Weird PIP

    What’s up guys, Long story short injected on sat, and Tuesday. Saturday I injected my glute and Tuesday my quad. Had a little soreness in my glute for the next couple days, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, this morning, five days post injection, my glute I swollen as a motherfucker. No...
  12. Swolewelder

    Back to business

    What’s up guys, Been out of the game for a while, due to a few work injuries and the fact my girl gave me an ultimatum that if I didn’t stop using gear she would leave me... but with my amazing manipulation abilities I have convinced her otherwise 😂😂 will be starting a cycle in two weeks...
  13. Swolewelder

    It’s been a while..but I need yalls help

    Hey guys been off the forum for a month or two, but I recently had a work injury that has completely stopped my training. I had an incident where my hand got hit with a sledgehammer which resulted in 2 broken fingers... I NEED to get to the gym. I feel like I can only really train legs and...
  14. Swolewelder

    Doggcrapp vs. Fortitude

    I know a couple guys here use fortitude training with great results and I’ve been researching doggcrapp just to see what that’s all about because of Dante Trudel... but can anyone who has used either of these training styles give me some feedback about them? What did you like about it, and what...
  15. Swolewelder

    How much is too much weight loss?

    Aight guys, I’m starting to get deeper in a cut right now, and my coach just cut my calories last weekend. I stayed consitenent with my weight for like two weeks and so he decided to drop my carbs even lower. I also added T3 on top of the clen I was already running.At the beginning of the week...
  16. Swolewelder

    Depression and lethargy on cycle

    Anyone ever had bad depression and lethargy on cycle? I’m cuttently running TPP/NPP/MastP 500mg each PW along with 50mg Proviron and 100mg anavar per day. I’ve cut back on my aromasin because I’m worried it’s estrogen related. Haven’t been able to get bloods done because of my work schedule but...
  17. Swolewelder

    Late but necessary

    Wanted to shout out L and the GC family for keeping good on their promise to replace the TPP/Mast/NPP blend that I purchased. Not only did they fully replace what I had bought they threw in some freebies too. Goes to show that not all UGL’s are sketchy and this lab will go above and beyond to...
  18. Swolewelder

    The cat is out of the bag gentlemen

    Well, it finally happened. After about a year of hiding my use from my girlfriend she finally caught me red handed. All of the sides and constant pinning of short esters were what did me in. I had been preloading pins and hiding them in my sock drawer and when she found them I tried to make up a...
  19. Swolewelder


    Anyone used doxycycline while on AAS for acne treatment? My dermatologist just put me in 150mg ED for the next 30 days to see how I respond before she puts me on accutane... my blast starts tomorrow and I just want to know if there are any interactions that I should be concerned with?
  20. Swolewelder

    Who’s blastin?

    What’s up guys, I hope everyone had a great holiday! I just got back from an 8 day cruise to Mexico, and I feel like a fat piece of shit... that being said my cycle starts New Year’s Day and I am so fucking excited. This will be my first time having a coach as well so I’m looking to make some...