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  1. FNA


    Anyone know a source that has it?
  2. FNA

    First King TD

    Probably the fastest turn time from start to pin...thanks King
  3. FNA

    Workplace asking Vaccine Status

    Workplace is requiring a document about your vaccine status. If you decline to answer, what does that mean? A way to put you in the dirty camp, a way to other you, a way to take you off of assignments, away to demote you.
  4. FNA

    Gc td!

    Thank you Gear Church, t/a fast as fuck and customer service top notch...cheers Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. FNA

    Boldenone Base

    I notice that they had the boldenone and tren base, how's that treating you guys anyone run it pre workout?