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    Website Issues

    Is there a way to continue with ordering ? I managed to succesfully place an order, but i havent paid it yet. Can i still deposit the crypto in the wallet, with my order proceedig ? I cant get to the website to confirm i made the payment Or do i have to wait untill the int site is back online ?
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    Blood pressure medication and steroids

    Does Telmisartan has a negative influence on strength? I was wondering if it'd an option to take it and then take either a higher dose of an oral or a fast inject like this. But if lowering BP is causing strength to drop, it's not a good idea.
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    Shipping ....

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    Heyhey, got to 10 posts. So my question was that I made an order on the 15th and it went to...

    Heyhey, got to 10 posts. So my question was that I made an order on the 15th and it went to shipped on the 24th,but I haven't received any info since. I read the tracker would be visible after it passed customs. Is it normal it can take this long? (Im from Belgium and ordered from the EU...
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    **New Member, New Experience**

    Yeah, that could come back and bite you
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    Product list

    Halotesti!n ? Interesting
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    GrAnabolic Post Count Thread

    Thanks for that
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    Very understandable
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    Do I really need to take Tren ??

    I guess I'm lucky with sides on 1500mg of teen, but waking up every 3 hours isn't really fun. Melatonine partially fixed that tho
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    Pm/new guys

    Thanks for the post
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    Shipping ....

    Okay will do
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    Safe to order?

    How about the current delivery times from the international warehouse inside Europe?
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    Shipping ....

    Read the rules. Get 10 posts then use private message to send message to a rep Rehh