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  1. Gmanzx11

    Thanks for the sale

    I want to thank my old buddy Ironlion for the sale. You took good care of me old friend. I have ran orange tops many times. Always with great results. Bloodwork always on point!! I believe there is a sticky or two with my results !! If you are Looking for quality HGH here it it’s is , get on the...
  2. Gmanzx11

    ASF Forums

    Haven’t been on the website for awhile. When did it get reformatted? Not really feeling it. Is there still a sponsor section. Am I just missing it? 😳
  3. Gmanzx11

    Blood work on Test E

    Iron gave me some Test E and Deca to test/try out. Running Test E 500wk Deca 600 wk bloods drawn at 6 wks, 48hrs after last pin. My test levels are usually around 2800-3000 but my estrogen is higher than I usually let it go. I feel like I should on 500mg a week. The Deca and Test is on point...
  4. Gmanzx11

    Ironlions Puretropin review!

    I’ve been running Pures off and on for a few years now. I have done many IGF and Growth hormone test. All have been excellent results.( See Sticky’s). I won an Auction on some greytops back in December. Started out with 2iu then 3 and finally ran 5iu. Greys are on point!! After a couple of month...
  5. Gmanzx11

    3 Grey Top Pures Auction TD!!

    3 Grey Top Pures auction TD!! Gotta thank IL for the auction. And Tren2k for holding auction and Reppin!! IL took care of me on an additional purchase of 3 more kits. You have been good to me!! I have had awesome results on the orange tops. Looking forward to running these grays!! Thank you!!
  6. Gmanzx11

    Puretropin Auction TD

    Look what came today. The best GH around. All my bloods come back great on these. I have been running these for about a year now and have reaped the benefits!! I willl be 50 this year and these have definitely turned back the clock. My shoulder have miraculous healed, skin looks great and muscle...
  7. Gmanzx11


    Merry Christmas brothers. Anybody know a reliable source for lamisil 250mg pills that does not require prescription??
  8. Gmanzx11

    Tren Base

    I picked up a few goodies from my man Dannie. Can't show the TD pics because I used discreet shipping. Very creative!! Shipping T/A was super fast, right there with some domestic. I was really surprised how fast it landed. I grabbed some Pharma Tren 50. Banged 1cc using a 29g slin pin in my...
  9. Gmanzx11

    Stealth shipping

    Thumbs up to the stealth shipping!! All I gotta say. Thanks basic!!!! Oh yeah and a super fast T/A, Right there with domestic! 👍
  10. Gmanzx11

    Puretropin blood results WOW!!

    I have been running 2ui ED of Ironlions puretropin for a little over a month. After a few days my hands were feeling it. They were tingling swollen and waking me up at night. I pinned 10ui in bicept and labs pulled 3hr 19min. I know Heavy scored high on these, but damn!!! My GH numbers are...
  11. Gmanzx11

    Test Suspension

    Ok I picked up some Pharmatest 100 water based amps. I want to try some on leg day. Has anybody tried the water based? How bad is pip? Can I mix it with B12 to lessen the pip? This stuff looks wicked painful. Milky, chunky scary!! Any help and guidance appreciated.
  12. Gmanzx11

    Auction TD!!!

    Touchdown from recent auction!! Communication with Iron was excellent! Response to emails were fast! Shipping was a lot faster than what Iron had told me. Wasn't even expecting to see it today!! Popped the top, reconstituted and POW!! My first HGH pin. I will run 2iu for while to see how things...
  13. Gmanzx11

    Thanks Naps

    First order with Naps. I have heard good and bad about there t/a but took a chance. I ordered some ancillaries and cycle support. Well 12 days later there it was my Naps package!! Everything looks good. They still have a killer sale going on, I will be placing another order. Thanks Naps!!
  14. Gmanzx11

    Mid Cycle BW Question??

    On week 6 of my first 12 wk Test C 500 mg wk cycle. I will pin 250 mg Sunday morning at 8 am and have blood drawn Tuesday morning at 9 am. Is this correct?? Will this show optimum T levels??
  15. Gmanzx11

    Var Labmax

    Tested Var with Labmax. Used fluorescent and it glowed green. Positive right??
  16. Gmanzx11

    HCG on Cycle Question??

    I have been reading and researching for my first cycle. I'm am 48 185# 15% bf. Going to do a Test C only cycle. 250mg 2x wk. 10 maybe 12 wks. my question is - when do I pin the first shot of HCG? I want to do 250iu 2x wk. I know austinite's protocol say start week one. Others say week two. Do...
  17. Gmanzx11


    Which site to order from?? Mymonsterlabs or monster-gear?? I'm confused or maybe it's just late and I'm tired!! They both look similar. Monster reps could you please straighten me out. One takes Bitcoin and other doesn't. Thanks
  18. Gmanzx11

    Legit Anavar for wife

    My wife and I have been doing our research. Me I am looking forward to doing my first cycle and so is she. We have both been working out and have been in pretty good shape all our lives. I am 47 and she is 42. She is more into crossfit and does compete. She is wanting to do a cycle of Anavar...
  19. Gmanzx11

    Pre cycle blood Question

    Hey all. I'm a new member here, but have been doing a lot of ready and gathering knowledge. You guys are awesome and very knowledgeable. I'm 47. Yeah that's right. But I have been kicking this around for a while now (doing my first cycle). I am 5'9" and 190lbs. I have bn cutting down my BF% was...