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  1. Posmx

    GW0742 availability

    I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the sources here for it for the euro-pharmacies version and have not found it in stock recently. Time is narrowing down & I’ll need to order soon so am curious if any of you can point me in the right direction to a reliable/trustworthy place that has it...
  2. Posmx

    Endurance Cycles?

    Any of you guys here pick your cycles based around endurance? What are your proven go-tos? We are avid hikers & just found out we have permits now to summit Mount Whitney (highest point in the lower 48 for those of you who aren’t familiar). Anyways, we have to do it as a day hike- it’s about...
  3. Posmx

    Pec Tear- How to Heal Quicker?

    Not me, but a friend of mine tore their pec about 6-7 weeks ago. First 4 weeks was slowly improving, however the past 2 weeks have seen no progress. He went in for an ultrasound last week & couldn’t see much in there. Now has an MRI scheduled, and will have an ink injection beforehand in order...
  4. Posmx

    MT2 Nausea Solutions?

    My girl is taking some Melanotan II and (as expected) gets very nauseous after each dose. She is taking a small dose (200mcg/day 2x/wk) it’s 3ml bac water mixed into 10mg/mt2 & is currently taking .06cc which calculates out to .2g (200mcg) per dose. I know many people run this at 500mcg-1g /...
  5. Posmx

    Posmx’s Unsponsored GC Log

    Unsponsored log, using all GC products unless otherwise noted. Current stats: 5’9” 30s 220-225 Lbs 19.4% BF (last reading as of a few weeks ago) My avatar was a few weeks ago for reference of my build. I lift & cycle simply because I love it, so that being said there’s no real “goal”...
  6. Posmx

    T4 Necessary for Female GH run?

    My girl is going to be taking a run with GH in about a month. Plan is to start at 1iu 5x/wk, and to bump up to 2iu 5x/wk. Current plan is 6 months, but could end up going longer. Only other thing she will be taking at any point with this is Anavar. She likes 20mg day, but will probably cut that...
  7. Posmx

    Fast Remedies For Very High Blood Pressure

    Earlier today I had a friend call me asking if I had ever dealt with high blood pressure (answer: just slightly elevated, but no). I asked him what his was at & he told me 173/124. I was surprised at that answer- suggested that he donate some blood ASAP and take a break from his next pins. He...
  8. Posmx

    What earbuds / headphones do you like?

    Last post on this was 6 years old so figured I’d start a new one since that’s all old tech. I currently use “Treblab XR800” earbuds (were like $40 on Amazon). They’ve lasted me years & are still going but it’s time to upgrade. I like LOUD clear music. My gym is shit and plays quiet music, or...
  9. Posmx

    Who here got their lady pregnant while on cycle/trt?

    Random question- Who had boys, and who had girls? I’ve noticed out of every single person I know who had kids while on (roughly 20 people) every one of them had a girl/only girls besides one. The one guy who didn’t has had 3 AAS kids, all boys. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this or...
  10. Posmx

    Type 1 Diabetics & HGH Use

    I’ve been contemplating my first run with HGH. My concern is I’m a type 1 diabetic & am aware that HGH can effect your insulin sensitivity. I’m under the impression that I may just have to slightly increase my ratios- for example currently I take 1 iu for 9g carbs- from what I’ve read I believe...
  11. Posmx

    TPP/NPP reviews

    I’ve never been one to run blends, always buy gear separately. Curious if there’s anyone who has used this particular blend & can share opinions. Thanks!
  12. Posmx

    Somewhat annoyed.

    First off I am going to state that I “won” these products and DID NOT PAY FOR THEM. So I can’t be too upset, but still decided to share this experience because I’m annoyed about it. I won a monster labs contest about 8 weeks ago. The next day I was told I won “1 pack arimidex & 1 vial EQ 600”...
  13. Posmx

    Recon Peptide Promo Code

    I like discounts. I know some of you have some sort of code. Share it. Thanks brothers
  14. Posmx

    Favorite Cutting Drugs

    Curious as to what you all tend to prefer. T2, t3, t4, Clen, Helios, etc. or combinations? A few months ago I was somewhat chubby (5’9”) 225lbs & about 18% bf. Now I’m down to 212 & 12-13% bf. trying to get down to around 200 since that’s where I like to be at for hiking season (I regularly do...
  15. Posmx

    Helios shelf life

    I have some older IA “inferno” (Helios) on hand that I’m guessing is about 4 years old. Never used. Is this still safe to use or am I better off ordering some new vials? Side question- I keep seeing things posted in subforums such as “reconpeptides”, but I can’t find any sponser forums for the...
  16. Posmx

    Amino Cutter/ B12 frequency

    Decided to try out some amino cutter injections. I have plenty of AAS experience, but am brand new to this. Just curious what dosages/ frequency you fellow users find to enjoy. I’ll obviously tweak it, but am just trying to find a starting point. I’ve been reading online and have found a VERY...
  17. Posmx

    Healthy Stoner “Munchie” Snacks

    Started smoking weed before bed to help me sleep since I never seem to be able to. Problem is I get a big appetite and don’t make great choices. Trying to figure out what’s something quick & easy to grab and snack on where I won’t cause fat? Doesn’t have to be super healthy- just not cookies...
  18. Posmx

    Favorite CA hikes

    I’m headed over to CA in the near future & want to do a day hike of some sort. Probably keep it in the 12 mile range or less since I’ll have the lady with me. Looking between central to northern Ca. (Not interested in Yosemite) I don’t care if it’s coast, or inland. Just can’t do high...
  19. Posmx

    Teach me B12 injections.

    Before you say “search bar”, try it yourself. Tons of results that have NOTHING to do with b12... Anyways I’ve never used/ been around any b12 injections. I have a few sources picked out that supply it, but if you have a source you feel is better than others please chime in. I know slin pins...
  20. Posmx

    B12 injections

    This may be a beat topic, if so I apologize- Anyone know of any sources for b12 injections? If so- any experiences/feedback? Appreciate any input- Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk