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    Superdrol diuretic properties?

    Do you lose a couple pounds the first couple days on SD? I never really gave it the chance it deserves because of this reason. It sucks the water out and I feel a bit weaker and decide not to stick it through. mike Arnold on MD forum said from a long time back that that’s a typical effect. It’s...
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    Name one

    Name one thing in this world that takes as much management and dedication as bodybuilding. theres a reason most people don’t look too impressive unless they really dig deep into bodybuilding. Powerlifting as well. each muscle group twice a week, mind muscle connection. Tracking lifts...
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    250 mg of test

    In all honesty if someone were to only run this and sometimes throw in drol and superdrol could a pretty dang good physique be achieved? Like a frank Zane type look I mean dudes only 185
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    Help with trt dose

    If I lower from 150 per week to 75 will I be less likely to get in altercations with random grandmas on the street?
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    I’m going to knock a fucking grandma out

    If the gyms don’t open soon. sorry inj SD makes me rage. Guess the new lab I tried is legit seriously open the fucking gyms I’m fuvking losing it over this shit
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    Stacking orals

    Does anyone get anything out of stacking orals? -I know third thread sorry. but I almost feel like it’s a waste to stack big hitters. not to mention appetite effects make them less effective but say you’re at the end of a cycle. Is there any scenario where 50 mg of anadrol wouldn’t fight...
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    Deca versus test for mass

    I don’t think I’ll ever use over 250 test again how does deca compare to test for mass for you
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    What’s your take on designer steroids versus dbol anadrol methyltren etc

    So obviously anabolic ratios are bullshit. Methyl tren I added to the title because you’d typically think it was sooo strong. i believe the thing that really makes a steroid powerful is the methylation. All the designer steroids (the big hitters) are double methylated. Methylated twice...
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    Finally have fucking bloodwork confirming hyperthyroidism. Took long enough. I wonder how this will effect my gains when I get it under control.
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    Superdrol a isomer versus b isomer

    Does anyone have experience with alpha versus beta isomer. I’ve had a good amount of superdrol over the years. Most effect me the same except for possibly two sources. Generally now someone would say the majority is real and the other is fake. But idk we shall see soon enough. The lethargy...
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    Last anadrol thread. Can we get some anecdotal reports

    I’ll read anecdotes, then I’ll read em again. And again. And again. im fascinated with gear I admit. If you didn’t see the video the admin posted by more plates more dates it’s a deca scan human study. Doctor prescribed. These dudes are losing like 10 percent bodyfat and gaining 10 lbs of lean...
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    Can you go to 220/230 with 250 test and orals only

    So I’ve gone to 100 mg tren every day deca at 600 test at a gram but this last cycle was a bit of an eye opener orals and 250 test only I can run orals for 5 months and have my liver in range. I think the lethargy is more related to cortisol inhibition for me. I gained more mass this cycle...
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    Replacing conventional deadlifts with Romanians or stiff leg

    I do Romanian on leg day and conventional on back day. woukd I have better developement throwing rdl on back day and getting rid of conventional? Conventional destroy my energy and I mainly use cns to get the weight up where as Romanians have more tension on the muscle
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    50 vs 100 anadrol

    So I’ve done it before. Real anadrol fucks you up at even 50 a day. I’ve had numerous ugl drol and I didn’t know how strong this shit was until trying some more expensive stuff. so I’ve ran 100 but I doubt I’ve ran 100 quality because when I tried that with quality stuff it didn’t last very...
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    Dymethazine raw

    Has anyone seen raws for this anywhere I’ve seen it about one time. Seems impossible to find
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    This source is always on fucking point man

    Got new shit, amazon. Great love this place
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    So I started m1t today. Stupid strong

    So I want to make this thread to get some experiences if I can. also I started this today I took it around 11am. It’s 130pm. Same effects as two years ago insane libido within 10 ish minutes. Burst of energy but wore off. Taste burns my tongue as it should. I go check the scale for the hell of...
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    So no one sells m1t on this bitch huh whatabout domestic resellers of dragon pharma or geneza
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    Where can I find this

    I know this is frowned upon man there’s one store here that sells it with no reviews there’s another peptide site that sells it. But I need these in my life like oxygen Dymethazine methylstenbolone and methyl1androstenedione (alpha 1 max) serious. Where are these companies getting the raw...
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    Your experience with methylstenbolone

    This stuff seems to make me go tank mode. I’m running 50 dmz with 20 my switch to 30 msten and it’s pretty retarded. I mean dbol doesn’t compare. I know anabolic ratios doesn’t mean shit but this one comes in at 600 which is interesting atleast. anyone like msten?