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    Equipoise hunger

    I ran a four month Cycle of Eq two years ago. Yes my hunger definitely increased. I also noticed a better sense of well being, could have been because I was more motivated to do cardio while on Eq. Some people tend to get some anxiety while running it. Everyones reaction is somewhat different.
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    Trying to build upper chest

    My upper chest was one of my most underdeveloped muscles in my twenties. I tried everything. When I was in my thirties a friend gave me a great exercises for upper chest. Exercise- Superset dumbell flyes with Barbel incline press. The flyes would be 20 reps with squeezing your upper chest at...
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    Weight Lifting on a Cut

    Looking to shed about 10 lbs of fat within 6 weeks, while maintaining as much muscle ad possible. I am currently running trt dose of 200mg weekly of test cyp. I will be upping my cardio. I'm just looking for some ideas on weight lifting routines during this cut. What weight lifting routine do...
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    Pre exhaust training for hyperteophy

    Some good info
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    Arm size

    Weighted triangle push-ups
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    Bicep advice

    21's. Do this for 3 different exercise. Take a weight you can curl 7 times. Immediately after the 7 reps strip the weight, hit it 7 more times. Strip some more weight and finish with the last 7 reps. So those 21 reps are 1 set. Do 3 set per exercise.
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    What compounds bind more to SHBG

    Doing so reading I found that Turinabol can bind to the SHBG protein which then prevents testosterone from binding to it. This frees up more testosterone to circulate. This property of Tbol is what makes it appealing to bodybuilders, rather than any direct performance enhancing or growth...
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    Injectable Superdrol Vs. Tren

    Thats a good option. I may try 100mg of tren at first week. See how I react at lower dose.
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    Best PREworkout

    German Freak. 50mg tren base/30 mg Superdrol per 1ML. Lifting for hours, and still feeling fresh. Take on heavy compound days. If I'm going to run a every day cycle of it, 1/2 ML daily for 6 weeks. Killer gains!
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    Injectable Superdrol Vs. Tren

    Superdrol vs Tren. Looking for people who have tried both, and have some insight. I have done 2 cycles of injectable superdrol with great results. 500mg Test Cyp weekly & 15mg of injectable Superdrol daily for 6 weeks. I've tried tren ace twice. Once for 2 weeks, at 175mg weekly, and once for a...
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    blasters and cruisers

    Bulk: 3 to 4 months one 2 months off. Cut: 6 weeks one month off.
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    Adding Masteron to a Bulking Cycle

    Great. Thinking running low dose of it now, up until my blast then upping the dose.
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    Adding Masteron to a Bulking Cycle

    What are your thoughts on adding Masteron on a bulking cycle? I Cut some body fat this summer, and will be cruising for the next 6-8weeks, until my next blast which I will be bulking. 12 Week Cycle: 800mg test cyp 400mg deca 50mg Anadrol daily for the first 4weeks. Thinking running Mast E...
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    GC Cialis and Blood Pressure

    Thats awesome. I'm on cialis as well, and yes it definitely help blood pressure
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    My gratitude to GC

    Sounds good. Will be definitely trying them in the future.
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    Arm Workout

    Whats your favorite arm workout routine? Looking for ideas.
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    Favorite Way to Train?

    5x5 for first exercises. Then 10x10 german volume training. Near end of workout 3x20. End of workout back heavy 3x8. Finishing set 1x50 for burn out. Nice shock been doing for the past month. Do this workout with almost every muscle group.
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    Strong muscles, strong immune system

    Some good info!
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    experienced juicers-be honest!

    Short acting testosterone esters like prop, or test ace increase your free test levels more then slow acting esters like cyp. Got that info from WesleyInman, when I was looking to burn fat and build muscle on a high test only cycle. So I ran 400 mg of Cyp, and 350mg of test prop. Ran it for 6...