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    Possibly cycles

    What’s it guys I posted on my log too but looking for everyone’s input here Looking to possibly run the following and suggestions fkr sources as well. Anyone who remembers me can look back at my old log on my old handle and see how detailed we are about to get and turn up the heat. Keep my trt...
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    Hey guys so I’ve used tons of supplements and gear never truly experimented with peptides of any sort. Since I’m off gear except for TRT for now anything you guys would suggest and reasons why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gorillaguys accountability log

    What’s up guys so I’ll have progress pics tomorrow cause that’s my check in day but for now 5’ 11” just on trt 200mgs a week one 1/2 cc Monday’s 1/2 cc Thursday’s. Also taking 10g creatine a day but that’s about it. Once I get some money stacked up will introduce a couple compounds. Meal 1: 2...
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    I’m back new name

    What’s up everyone some of the veterans here will probabaly remember me I was here as the bigjape before. Ran into a shit storm and hopefully on the tail end of it now. Got divorced arrested thrown outta the house all with sun bulkshit allegations but we are proving en all wrong. Only amazing...