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    ASF Rules

    Got it!!
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    New old Guy....

    Welcome to this amazing place
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    Another new guy post

    Welcome. Good info here. Good luck
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    Hello Everyone

    You found a great place here! Welcome
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    Carbs: Your Best Friends Or Worst Enemies As A Bodybuilder?

    Good read! I have battled with carb intake for years and never really think I found the "sweet spot". Simple carbs are def a problem and complex gives the sustained energy that we need throughout the day and during workouts. Carb load nightly Before sleep seems to be what my body likes best with...
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    New dude.

    Welcome. Good site here bro. Enjoy
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    GearPro Order Feedback Thread

    Holy $h17 GearPro is easy to work with and TA could not be faster than my last transaction. I found my new go-to for sure. Trusted brands with world class service! I would post pics and explain my cycle but don't want to break forum rules. Can't wait to see my results!
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    So I got a lump and it’s been there for 4 days

    I would not worry yet. It happens and triceps are very sensitive place to pin. If you aren't showing signs of infection it will pass soon. Stick to glutes in the mean time in my opinion..
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    I won't spam or post useless stuff. Would like to order but totally get your stance.. Better safe than sorry
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    First cycle for beginners

    My first run was Sust250 1ml 2x week for 10 weeks. Along with anasrozole for mait. It got me 15 lbs and kept most of it. But really research and do your homework before jumping into to this. You gave us very little stats to work with for advice..
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    GEARPRO TD!!! [emoji3593][emoji3593]

    Yes sir! Maxmuscle1 you read mind! Def a great trio! Maybe he will add dbol for the old school bulk mix
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    Hello All

    welcome.. I suggest to read the rules carefully this board is very secure and I learned the hard wayl I respect the security for sure though.
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    Roelly Winklaar has lost some mass....?

    Yeah he def is not up to his prime size here.. Maybe taking a little break to heal up receptors ETC..? Time will tell,
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    GEARPRO TD!!! [emoji3593][emoji3593]

    Looks Tasty! I would add to this but still not sure what I can say without getting in trouble! LOL. Hope your run goes well
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    Prices/ Quality?

    Sorry I will try to delete
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    ASF Rules

    I understand.. Got it
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    Colonoscopy While On Cycle

    Yes, no worries at all. I had a perforated ulcer 2 years ago and have colonoscopy tests 2 times per year. they will not see any signs of aas during this test. your good.