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    Var or tren to finish cycle off?

    Running test and mast right now. Just noticed I have a little fat around my belly button. No wear else it seems. Diets in check. I was planning on adding tren or var to finish off the cycle. Either 100 mgs tren a week. Or var 25 mg a day. Nothing crazy. My main concern is cardio and heart...
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    Asked source if var was legit. Here's response.

    So my girl wants to use a little bar and wanted to double check with my source that it contained no dbol or anything else. Had a batch from an old source that def contained dbol so wanted to make sure. I know ultimately the best way is to test it myself but I asked him and this was his response...
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    What to add to end of test mast cycle? Tren vs var

    So currently on week 7 of test c 350mg and mast e 350mgs. Looking to add one more compound to finish of the cycle. Deciding between tren and var. Have them both on hand and not planning on picking up anything else so it's only between those two. Low dose for both. 150 mgs tren maybe 100 only...
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    Want to add tren to my cycle! But am I too far gone?

    So very unlike me but my cycle was not planned well. Done years of blasting and cruising and always have a plan. However this time was different. Originally started with 300 test c 300 mast e 200 npp did that for 2 weeks. On week 3 decided I didn't want to run the npp. So dropped the npp...
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    Firefighting and tren

    Sorry last post I make guys but just wanted to hear your guys opinions on tren and firefighting. Was either going to run 300 test 300 mast with var or test p mast p tren a 150mgs each a week. Would prefer the tren but heard it can f up your cardio. Wondering if that's something to be concerned...
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    Best aas for facial aesthetics.

    I know cardio and diet is key but based on aas alone which would be the best for a lean face? Test mast npp Test mast Test mast tren Test mast var No winny
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    Heart rate of 200 bpm

    So every now and then I'll get like a flutter in my chest almost like a jolt and turns into heart palpitations. Not sure if right word but my heart beats super fast. Can feel it beating out of my chest. Gets to over 200 to 250 bpm. Feel little lightheaded and maybe little achy jaw. Been...
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    Mini "healthy" summer blast options! Help!

    It's that time again. All year cruise on 150 mgs of test. From June thru August I like to do a nice little summer blast. Need help picking the best option for me this year. Want something that won't be harsh on my lipids, hairline, or bp. Small doses nothing crazy by any means. I grow pretty...
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    Upper endoscopy. Stressed!!!!!

    So been having burning pain under my right pec, side and back for 5 months now. Had ultra sound, ct, hida scan all came back good. Happens usually after eating along with burping. Dr prescribed me omeprazole 40mgs which I took for 3 days and all my burning went away. Had to come off it though...
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    Test mast tren blend????

    So planning on doing a cut cycle for summer. 2 options coming of cruise dose of test e at 180mg. Can either run test e 200 mast e 200 and tren a 50mgs eod. Or my guy has a blend 50mgs of test p mast p and tren a and pin eod???
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    Flat poop!?

    31 Male been having upper right abdominal pain. Blood work shows elevated bilirubin levels of 1.7. Ultra sound clear. Abdominal and pelvis ct scan showed partial contration of the gallbladder. Dr's are not worried or concerned they said. However I also mentioned change in bowel habits. Am not...
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    Steroids, cancer, and trt

    31 years old. Been blasting and cruising since I was about 24. Now a day I take it easy and pretty much just self trt at 160 mgs. Get bloods done regularly to keep things in check. I'm curious if long term use especially when using ugl gear has any affiliation with cancer. Any of you guys who...
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    Elevated bilirubin?

    So got blood work done and ultra sound. Been having burning sensation on right side of back when eating mostly.. Waiting on the ultra sound. But got bloods back. Now previously my hemocratic was high at 55. And it's been that high for a while. However this blood work it dropped to 51. The...
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    Right side flank pain? Help!

    So been a few months now I have this pain on the right side. It radiates to my back sometimes upper back. Kind of where my lat an back meet. It's like a dull ache/burning pain. It comes and goes. Sometimes I wont notice it all ex. Gym, sleeping. But throughout the day I will experience it and...
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    Should I drop my ai from my cruise/trt dose.

    So been cruising around 180 to 200 mgs test c along with 6.25 mg aromasin 3 times a week. Test levels around 1200 and e2 at 29. Feel good look great however I'm worried about the long term use of an ai. I used to cruise without it though at 200 to 250 mg of test c and got puffy nips and slight...
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    Help dialing in my estrogen!!

    So came off cycle and hopped on cruise 200 mg test with 12.5 mg aromasin twice a week. Got tested month later e2 was 63. Dropped dose to 180 mgs a week and kept ai at same dose twice a week. Dripped e2 to 30. Now not sure where to go from here. Not sure how healthy it is to be on ai for an...
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    Cruise dose plus ai vs masteron

    So been cruising on 200 mg test with 12.5 mg aromasin twice a week.. E2 was 46. Ulta sensative was 60. Dropped my test dose to 180 now hoping to lower that e2. No sides really but slight water in the face that I am trying to get rid of. Should I add low dose masteron to cruise. Would it still...
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    Blood work cruise dose e2 help

    Blood work results e2. Help! So been cruising on test 200 mg for about 4 weeks now after my cycle of test,npp, and anavar . Been pinning mon and thurs and taking 12.5 mg aromasin on pin days. Have not got my testosterone numbers yet but the estrogen came back. Got my blood work on Friday and...
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    Test c different colors?

    So been using this supplier for years. Test was usually pretty clear. Then most recent one (far left) was yellowish tint. Now just got some more in and stuff looks as dark as tren . Took this in my car in sunglight and you can see how dark they are? (3 on the right) anyone seen test this dark...
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    Iron star labs

    Remember them being public around 2015 2016. I belivw since then they have gone private. Anyone use them recently. My buddy can get a hold of them but want to see if any of you have used them recently before placing order.