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  1. newbulk

    $500 give-away ~ Someone has to look swole, it might as well be YOU! $500 give-away

    This is awesome PSL someone will get a nice haul for 500
  2. newbulk

    Looking for board reps

    I appreciate it brother, means alot
  3. newbulk

    New Board Sponsor Give Away!

    Figured it didn't hurt to give these guys a run through... Im impressed with their speed in communication and ease in this transactional order. Hopefully good signs to come.
  4. newbulk

    SB Labs Dirty Weekly Giveaway.

  5. newbulk

    Joined today!

    Welcome man, what's your past cycle experience?
  6. newbulk

    New member

    Hahaha... Never actually seen this. Great job Multi! Looking thru this dudes posts he has a ton of knowledge lol.. anyways welcome Mike
  7. newbulk


    That's the mcg per pep? I need help with my elbow even after weeks on bpc and tb. Gotten better but still room for improvement.
  8. newbulk

    TB-500 dosage

    Fuck I hate you haha I'm 3 Vials in and still have tender pain. Did you inject into forearm belly or closer to the elbow joint?
  9. newbulk

    SB Labs Dirty Weekly Giveaway.

  10. newbulk


    Congrats bro, had my first order recently too. Are you going to run your goods soon or is this for your next round
  11. newbulk

    Someone indulge my kink

    Been married 12 years, since 22 years old. Lots of work and fucking hard. It's a mental endurance challenge.
  12. newbulk

    New guy

    Second this.. welcome man
  13. newbulk


    Not ATM, but I will during my cut In a few months... damn I still need to grab that octane tho
  14. newbulk

    SB Labs Dirty Weekly Giveaway.

  15. newbulk

    Does your significant other know your are on gear?

    Haha... I don't know I can't imagine keeping this from her or maybe making it her idea that I start a cycle.. shes been on var and steriods is a normal topic in the house... more than likely it will come out.. I thought it was going to last cycle when I blew up taking sdrol and my body really...
  16. newbulk

    Does your significant other know your are on gear?

    My wife knows I take prohormones or serms and I've been open that I wanted to take a cycle but I never actually told her I did. I brought it up before and she freaked about having needles in the house w young kids (valid).. I've run 2 cycles without her knowing. She's not a snooper but I also...
  17. newbulk

    SB Labs Log

    Ha yeah so use to mg talk recently
  18. newbulk

    SB Labs Log

    I'd add the magnesium if the taurine doesn't help. I ran 5mg taurine daily and still got alot of cramping
  19. newbulk

    SB Labs Dirty Weekly Giveaway.

    Congrats brother!! Going to a good man