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  1. BackDB78


    Appreciate the info! Yeah I realize it's essentially just an appetite suppressant but when I'm in a caloric deficit my hunger goes NUTS before bed. Hoping this will eliminate that. I can't believe how much they're getting for it Rx'd 😳
  2. BackDB78


    Been pretty interested in GLP-1, but am unsure exactly how to dose it. Literature varies been IM injections 1x per week and then every day. At everyday it'd be far to expensive but 1x a week very doable. The source I've found has 1mg and 3mg. Obviously this is for fat/weight loss. The other...
  3. BackDB78

    Nad + inject

    Can anyone drop me some knowledge on the benefits of NAD+ IV drips or injections? My Dr recently suggested we do it to help counteract some intense opiate cravings I've been having but she wanted me to make up my mind on my own about it.
  4. BackDB78


    I typically take a gauntlet of individual supplements for all of that but just came across a product called Cycle Support by Nutrissa that features nearly everything I was taking in perfect dosage. Prior was using Life Support 2.0 by AI Sports which also is pretty decent but the TUDCA dose in...
  5. BackDB78

    Joe Rogan Talk About Steroid Abuse, Clomid On Cycle And PCT

    Interesting. I just listened to that podcast traveling the other day and thought some stuff was pretty cool in regards to inflammation but the stuff they covered on anabolics made me really scratch my head.
  6. BackDB78


    There's some good info in this thread, just going to drop what I take/have taken and recommend for cholesterol as well as the dosages I've personally taken. While cholesterol can be hereditary it should be kept under control. Keep in mind that Anabolics like Test will raise your chol, but also...
  7. BackDB78

    Kratom for Pain?

    Was a weird opioid for sure my man. Had some hallucinations on that shit a few times. Also after weeks of taking the same dosage had my heart rate spike to the point I thought it was going to explode after dosing. That was some nasty shit to quit using too.
  8. BackDB78

    Kratom for Pain?

    Tablespoons mixed into a protein shake was how I'd ingest that much when I still was taking Kratom. I've thought about using Kratom again for pain that I have in my lower back, which at times is bad enough where I cannot sleep or do much but know if I slide into Kratom my brain will convince me...
  9. BackDB78

    Fellow brother's

    As a recovering addict, I can tell you that we will manipulate and stress people out as long as it benefits our well being/using abilities. Most addicts who are sent to prison, either continue using in prison or "have a coming to Jesus" while in and want to lead a sober life. It's pretty easy to...
  10. BackDB78

    Go-To Multivitamin?

    Been taking Controlled Labs Orange Triad for years.
  11. BackDB78

    $33 dollar SARMS! - YK, MK677, OSTA, s4, s23,RAD140, GW,LGD, SR

    What would you recommend for someone whose switched to the Keto life style as far as fat loss/cut goes? I've tried SARMS in the past for myself and others and have never had much luck. Guessing it may have been the source so willing to give it another try!
  12. BackDB78

    All Orders Get a FREE Bottle of Dream-n-Grow!

    With that 20:1 extract in there, how much approx Kratom would be in 2 caps in comparison to just normal powder? Looks like a great formula, will have to pick some up!
  13. BackDB78

    Craig Wright, aka BITCOIN developer

    Depending on what service your using to get it, get your limits up then ^^THIS. I was reading for awhile about how it was going to jump from 280ish to over 400 and didn't get that part done in time. Needless to say my would of been massive profit (bank limits not going up in time as well as...
  14. BackDB78

    Who's the greatest bodybuilder of all times?

    Coleman is the greatest modern era bodybuilder, after him nothing has been all that impressive. Can't stand Heath.
  15. BackDB78


    Messed around with it for awhile this past winter. It helps with sleep but like said above you need to take it quite a bit beforehand for it to be 100% effective. Gives you a decently relaxed feeling if you take it in the evening then helps you sleep once you want to. However, if you think your...
  16. BackDB78

    who won mma female fight?

    Rousey looked, well, lousey. She was tired out half way into the first round, obviously not in the shape Holly was in. Like you said acted like a maniac as if she hadn't ever been in a fight before. Its nice to see one of her fights last more than 15 seconds, be interesting to see if more of her...
  17. BackDB78

    Cycle Check

    I guess forgoing everyones advice is fine but pretty much defeats anyone answering your questions. 12 weeks-16 weeks on Test E. At 10 your not reaping all the benefits, and if your just trying to prevent some sort of harder recovery an extra 2 weeks isn't going to matter for shit in those terms...
  18. BackDB78

    Test Cyp + DMZ 2.0 Cycle... HELP!!

    Where do people come up with that stuff? Exactly. Do you people realize that when you inject yourself with unnatural test/ any AAS that your natty production is going to shut down NO MATTER WHAT, so your dosing literally makes no difference. Other than going super high with compounds and...
  19. BackDB78

    Test Cyp + DMZ 2.0 Cycle... HELP!!

    Cyp at 8 is not going to be as effective/effective at all/ as it could be if you ran it for say 12-16. Your DMZ, which is one of my favorite compounds BTW, is basically a kick start. 1 cap day? Bump that to 2 even 3. Other than that your running a pretty simple and basic cycle. Don't really...
  20. BackDB78

    Anyone know an X supplier?

    Just watch out for what places you use on there, had a bad bout of back pain this winter and wanted some trammy because doctors wont prescribe shit around here. Got some from the first place...got my money taken. Second place was WAYYY bigger and everything was smooth and quick.