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  1. tatertot

    Thoughts on my current diet? Eat more or less foods?

    This past 6 months, I've been diligent about tracking my meals and dialing in the diet. I'm just a normal middle-aged dude not really on a cut or bulk, just trying to build muscle and not get fat. 6'1", about 220lbs. Does this seem like a good amount to be at? Should I be eating more or less...
  2. tatertot

    Lab results - Any feedback appreciated!

    Hey everyone! Looking for some feedback on recent labs. My TRT/HRT dose is 200mg/wk and I feel good. Gym 4-5 times a week, have fairly clean diet, hydrate, etc. Never run a 'cycle'. Only on Test now. Some of my values were out of range. If any more knowledgeable folks could chime in, I'd...
  3. tatertot

    Advice appreciated -- Test/Primo/Var

    I've been cruising on 200mg "TRT" for the past few years, and plan to the rest of my life. Bloods are good and my Dr is cool. I've considered running a 'mild', 'safe' first cycle and it seems that Primo and maybe Anavar would be good additions to the Test base. Would you add in only Primo...
  4. tatertot

    Investing Stocks Bitcoin - Anyone into this?

    Anyone else into investing in stocks, real estate, crypto or anything else? What are you buying? What's your plays lately? Anyone watching the insanity of Gamestop? I've loved investing since highschool. Books from John Bogle had a big influence on me, so I'm a big believer in buying indexed...
  5. tatertot

    What was the game-changer for your food/diet?

    For me it's brining. For years I ate dry chicken, not really enjoying it... until I learn the secret to delicious chicken seems to be brining. 1/4 cup kosher salt, 1/4 cup brown sugar in a large container filled with water add 3+ pounds of chicken breast let sit overnight (no more than 24...