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  1. BodybuilderZepp

    What Are Your Goals For 2022?

    Happy New Year everyone! I know its corny to make new years resolutions, but you should make good goals going into the new year. My goal this year is to get my wife pregnant, and maintain 220lb or higher being natural now. (I’m off gear trying to get her pregnant) What are your goals for this...
  2. BodybuilderZepp

    Bend Me Contest TD

    Want to thank SB for throwing a very fun contest. My wife and I saw a lot of weird things while searching up this one lol Communication 10/10, barely any needed T/A 10/10, amazon prime speed Packaging 10/10 would have gave 9/10 but the Skittles swayed me lol jk I won’t be trying this at the...
  3. BodybuilderZepp

    Mr Olympia 2021 Live Talk

    Lets discuss the show while we watch. We can guess the top 5, point out strengths and weaknesses, talk about people who were over looked, etc. I wait all year to watch this and its interesting to hear others views because this is a very subjective sport. Yesterday we saw Ramy and Curry in...
  4. BodybuilderZepp

    William Bonac Out Of 2021 Arnold Classic

    The reigning Arnold Classic champ will not be defending his title as William Bonac struggles with travel issues The 2021 Arnold Classic lineup was expected to be one of the best in the contest’s history. However it is now taking another blow, as reigning Arnold champ William Bonac will not be...
  5. BodybuilderZepp

    2021 Arnold Classic Top 5 Predictions

    Its always fun to guess who’s going to win. Here are the competitors for the open bodybuilding class: William Bonac Maxx Charles Seung Chul Lee Mokhamed El Eman Steve Kuclo Hassan Mostafa Sergio Oliva Jr. Justin Rodriguez Iain Valliere Akim Williams Roelly Winklaar Nick Walker My top 5 are: 1...
  6. BodybuilderZepp

    Zepp’s Sponsored PSL Log

    Hey everyone, I’m a PSL Sponsored Athlete. Want to thank Vision again for giving me this opportunity. I will be running a huge log on EP products. My Cycle: 750mg Test C a week 500mg Deca a week 50mg Anadrol a day 20mg Aromasin M/W/F 4iu HGH a day And of course some porn for you guys...
  7. BodybuilderZepp

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses His Recent “Screw Your Freedom” Remarks

    At 74 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows no signs of putting his foot on the brakes of life. The former Governor of California regularly puts out his newsletter where he shares the many things going on in his world and he’s got lots to say. But it’s no surprise he addressed the elephant in...
  8. BodybuilderZepp

    Legendary Bodybuilder Matt Mendenhall Passes Away at 61

    We’re very sad to have to report on yet another death in the bodybuilding community, with the passing of legendary amateur bodybuilder Matt Mendenhall. He was 61 years old and the cause of his death was not revealed at the time of writing this article. Matt was born on June 26, 1960 and passed...
  9. BodybuilderZepp

    Steve Kuclo and Sergio Oliva Jr. Are Jacked 4 Weeks Out Of 2021 Arnold Classic

    Steve Kuclo and Sergio Oliva Jr. are working hard in the gym to earn an Olympia invite at the 2021 Arnold Classic The 2021 Arnold Classic is four weeks away, taking place September 25th, in Columbus, Ohio. Ahead of this contest, Steve Kuclo and Sergio Oliva Jr. are getting shredded for this...
  10. BodybuilderZepp

    Julius Maddox Fails 800 lbs/363 kg Bench Press Attempt

    Julius Maddox failed the highly anticipated 800 lb (363 kg) raw bench press world record attempt on Saturday, August 21, 2021 at Wrigley Field Chicago, Illinois following a baseball game between the Royals and Cubs. Maddox holds the all-time raw bench press record of 782.6 lbs (355 kg), and...
  11. BodybuilderZepp

    My Olympia 2021 Qualified Athletes

    Mr. Olympia Qualified James Hollingshead (UK) Regan Grimes (Canada) Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (Egypt) Brandon Curry (USA) Phil Heath (USA) Hadi Choopan (Iran) William Bonac (Netherlands) Justin Rodriguez (USA) Nicholas Walker (USA) Patrick Moore (USA) Akim Williams (USA) Andrea Presti (Italy)...
  12. BodybuilderZepp

    Europa Pro 2021

    Men’s Open Bodybuilding 1. Nathan De Asha ($10,000) 2. Roelly Winklaar ($3000) 3. Tim Budesheim ($2000) 4. Vladyslav Sukoruchko 5. Sarhan Sarhan Men’s 212 Bodybuilding 1. Vladimir Yakovlev ($3000) 2. Pasquale D’Angelo ($2000) 3. Dan Cristea 4. Steve Benthin 5. Nasser Mohamed Classic Physique...
  13. BodybuilderZepp

    Texas Pro 2021

    Men’s Bodybuilding Results First Place – Iain Valliere ($10,000) Second Place – Steve Kuclo ($4,000) Third Place – Phillip Clahar Fourth Place – Martin Fitzwater Fifth Place – Hassan Mostafa Men’s 212 First Place – Ahmed Elsadany Second Place – Austin Karr Third Place – Martin Gomez Fourth...
  14. BodybuilderZepp

    Kinglabs Gone?!

    Curious if anyone knows what happened to them? I saw a few bad test results but was that the reason?
  15. BodybuilderZepp

    Forum Game: Would You Rather

    We have a great community here at ASF. Lets all get to know each other a little better by playing a game. Its simple, pick what you would rather and then ask a question for the next person. I’ll start it: Would you rather train Chest or Arms?
  16. BodybuilderZepp

    Lets All Welcome Another New Member To The Team

    As a brand new PSL Sponsored Athlete I’m glad that I have the opportunity to announce another new Sponsored Athlete for our PSL Team, Nasty-Bam! Lets all welcome our newest member! (who’s not me anymore :winkfinger: )
  17. BodybuilderZepp

    Tampa Pro 2021

    Lets hear some predictions or any opinions about the show. Looks like our open bodybuilding competitors are: Slavoj Bednar Maxx Charles Jephte Cherenfant Phillip Clahar Camilo Diaz Mokamed El Eman Douglas Fruchey Elren Gauley Charles Griffen Dorian Haywood Kevin Jordan Matt Kouba Seugnchul...
  18. BodybuilderZepp

    Lock And Load Labs

    Who are these guys and where are they from? I’ve been receiving emails from them but never contacted them. Curious if anyone has info on them and how they could have gotten my email.
  19. BodybuilderZepp

    Beware of MedLabGear

    My go to is GPZ Med Lab. But they have been out of stock on the item I wanted to purchase. So I searched here and people recommended MedLabGear. They had exactly what I wanted so I ordered. Order came quick but was missing an item. Tried contacting them via email and phone with no luck. Its been...
  20. BodybuilderZepp

    Zepps Log/Review

    Not sponsored. King came through in the clutch for me after my go to source here left. Joos23 was very quick at answering all the questions I had. And the entire ordering process is simple on their site. Running King’s Test C, Deca, and Tren E into the summer. Have ran this cycle before and I...