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  1. agfitness

    PCT is an Obligation ?

    All right but during cycle or after?
  2. agfitness

    PCT is an Obligation ?

    Thanks for repy. I wanna ask the same question to you too: Let's say i'll use pct after 12 weeks of cycle. (Testo E.+Bold or Primobolan+Anavar) Nolvadex is enough ? Or i've to use Pregnyl ?
  3. agfitness

    PCT is an Obligation ?

    Ok. Let's say i'll use pct after 12 weeks of cycle. (Testo E.+Bold+Anavar) Nolvadex is enough ? Or i've to use Pregnyl ?
  4. agfitness

    PCT is an Obligation ?

    Hey friends... Do you think Pct is an obligation ? If yes, who should use PCT and who are not have to do it ? For Ex.; I wanna take Testo E. + Boldenon + Oxandrolone (as a first and clean cycle) for 12 weeks as a pyramid system (from 100mg to 600mg raising and then 600mg to 100mg decreasing)...
  5. agfitness

    I’m a pussy

    Bro, don't say like that. I'm almost the same, i've needle phobia too but i don't say that i'm pussy. Because everybody has some phobia. We are not rhobot, we're human. We have senses and emotions. So just decide to win against your fears. You can take help from a psycholog or you can take...
  6. agfitness

    Favorite ANABOLIC BRANDS and Experiences

    Cio guys... I wonder your opinions about anabolic brands. At the past i always heard about the quality of "Balkan Pharma" but this year some professionals tell me that they ruined the old quality. Some others tell me "Generics Pharma" is so nice. Some others talk about "BVS Labs" or "Thaiger...
  7. agfitness

    Best Supplement for Liver Support

    - Saw Palmetto - Milk Thistle - Artichoke - Vitamin C, B6 and B12 Combine all of them and be happy :winkfinger:
  8. agfitness

    Best tasting protein you've ever had?

    It depends on person's taste but i liked: - MusclePharm And this month I'll try "MyProtein (English Brand [Sergi Constance also use that]) - Apple Crumble Aroma" :coffee:
  9. agfitness


    In Turkey, it's possible to find real Primo because government (Ministry of Health) brings it to Turkish Pharmacy Store original from Spain (i just know that) A lot of Turkish Fitness Champions also use Primo in some periods of competition year. But i don't understand why you cannot find real...
  10. agfitness

    Testo Enantathe + Primo + ?(Which tablet form can I use)

    Thanks for all replies. I was on the same idea with you. I wanna combine my cycle with Anavar (Oxandrolone), cleaner and far away from the side effects than Dbol :winkfinger:
  11. agfitness

    Testo Enantathe + Primo + ?(Which tablet form can I use)

    Ciao guys. I'm planning clean bulking. No like hulk lol. Just increase my size with a nice diet (I wanna clean shredded muscle) I love Lazar Angelov style body, or christian guzman etc. It will be my first cycle. Please don't tell me: "Don't spend your money for primobolan" bla bla... I'm...
  12. agfitness

    OXANDROLONE should be used at first 6 weeks or at last 6 weeks ?

    Who told this? Are you OK? My cycle has Testo and Primo inside... They already help increasing size and Oxandrolone help cleaning fat looking. Ok this is slower than other bulking cycles but more safe and clean cycle. I told about my cylcle to some Turkish National Fitness Champions and Master...
  13. agfitness

    what can I use to help me get bigger, leaner, stronger??

    * I just read that you are 18 ......................and i stopped reading. Brother please don't do that. Your body is so fresh like a baby. Never use any anabolics before 25 years. Or your receptors will be full in 2 years and then? What will you do? You'll have maybe health problems hard than...
  14. agfitness

    Injured in mid cycle

    These are all totaly happens from the felling that "ohh baby, i juiced my muscles and i have to work hard hard hard..." Most of people don't care about the correct form of movements after Anabolics. * If you control your maximum kilograms/pounds and if you control your range of motion. (Nice...
  15. agfitness

    OXANDROLONE should be used at first 6 weeks or at last 6 weeks ?

    Hi friends. In a cycle that involves (Testosteron Enanthate + Primobolan + Oxandrolone), Oxandrolone should be used at first 6 weeks or last 6 weeks? Which one will be better. I think i'll use at first 6 weeks to prepare muscles more durable and clean but i also think that i'll be more...