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  1. Frankdoz

    Xmas sale

    OK so I’m juggling the idea of the Trt plus or is I isacorporate and stenbolone better for same gains at trt doses. I know stens not a trt compound .
  2. Frankdoz

    Cream of rice

    When lean bulking i wanted to do an experiment and eat 2 scoops whey with 120 grams cream of rice 6 x per day and see results vs chicken or lean beef and equal amount carbs in rice . Do you vets think I’ll lose weight or gain muscle .
  3. Frankdoz

    Var time life

    So do you vets split your dosages or all before training? Also how much var would you take to be compared to 50 mgs of dbol for strength gains ?
  4. Frankdoz

    Energy libido

    What’s the best thing for energy and libido . Seems like test Dosent do the trick for me anymore I’ve upped to 2000 pretty much the same as 500 ? Maybe hcg idk anymore maybe I need time off . Been doing trt then blast since pre Covid
  5. Frankdoz


    Wait what that’s not right .
  6. Frankdoz

    Black Friday

    Who’s got the best deals?
  7. Frankdoz

    Drinking Vs eating meals

    So I’ve been bulking snd I always have a hard time eating food. Is there a difference in nutrient absorption between eating vs drinking 150 instant oats , 50 G protein powder, 1 banana?
  8. Frankdoz

    Trt ?

    Running test deca on trt . Would you mast e 200 or primo 400 per week or both . I know that’s not trt dosages but I’m already on test 400 and deca 200 per week from dr. Wanted to add a dht to control water and decrease estro and increase libido .
  9. Frankdoz

    Recomp cycle

    Do you guys prefer high test or low test for recomp. I know it’s mainly diet but is there any science being more test makes you grow compared to if you did 3-400 mgs of prop you’d add less water ?
  10. Frankdoz

    New sarm less myostatin

    This is one recommended for less myostatin thoughts?
  11. Frankdoz

    Aas for more better stamina

    Ok so tren completely makes me feel like crap now tired , nauseous and obviously moody / agitated. It’s gotten worse as I gotten older . All versions same side affects . Wondering what I can do to add better sense of well being and energy stamina etc. I just don’t get that on feeling any more .
  12. Frankdoz


    Awesome t/a time xxxx days .
  13. Frankdoz

    Test 500

    Holy post injection lump Batman at .5 ml
  14. Frankdoz

    Red welts

    Anyone get red swelling from igf or hgh test and primo? Not sure what they are randomly been happening this week .
  15. Frankdoz

    Igf lr3

    What’s everyone’s fav protocol And how much Bach water to reconstitute?
  16. Frankdoz

    Test blood levels

    Would your blood test levels be higher if says you were talking 200 mgs test with 200 mgs of tren then with 200 mgs of test . Or would your rbc and lipids just be higher ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Frankdoz

    Primo vs Mast

    I’m sure this has been covered but in my research you can’t really get a straight answer to which is better abs how much for trt . Is primo even worth it at low dosages etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Frankdoz

    Primo trt

    Who asss this to their trt and how much does it raise your test on blood with ? Is it like test on bloods? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Frankdoz

    Trt blast cruise

    Thoughts on test 200 Primo 3-400 Deca 150 Var 50 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Frankdoz

    Hgh issues

    Been running hgh norditropin 4-10 ius for a few months now 7 days on . I’ve been getting a lot of nausea abs stomach pains and low blood sugar. How long to cycle off ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk